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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

can anyone help foster some dogs for 1 week- (in Arkansas)?

Marion Animal Shelter HELP! I have good news Lucky Pup in Maine is going to rescue 6 lucky dogs from are shelter but for them to go I need 6 people to volunteer to foster til the 11th Please if you can open your house for one week you can be apart of saving one of these dogs lifes call 870-739-5412 or 901-262-3977

in Marion, Arkansas


would you like to adopt some pets @ this shelter....


cute dog-Carolina Dog-

cute spoted dog-

cute Collie/Golden Retriever! snoopy-

sweet dachshund-

Willow was left behind by her owners they had moved away and left her in the house with out food or water.She is one greatful dog, everyone in the shelter loves to play with this little girl. She loves to play ball and loves long walks,and she is house broken.Her coat is very beautiful.She will make some kid a very good playmate.

don't jude to breed- LEARN

*Pit bulls have an average score that beats even the "ultimate family dog", the Golden Retriever. *American Temperament Test SocietyThe ADBA registered 220,000 APBTs in 1999, making them the #1 dog in America. According to the latest statistics, Pit Bulls do NOT top the chart when it comes to deadly dog attacks. The Center for Disease Control site.

*Even the CDC supports the position that irresponsible owners, not breed, are the chief cause of dog bites.

*This breed is EXTREMELY loyal to their owners and does as they are instructed, in my opinion. It is unfortunate that so many people misunderstand them.

* Animal shelters in the United States euthanized approximately 1.7 million dogs in 2008; approximately 980,000, or 58 percent of these were assessed to have been pit bull-type dogs.

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    Snoopy is so adorable (all of them are but shes fluffy!)

    I wish I lived in AK :(

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