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What do BlackBerry services include?

I am looking to buy a Blackberry curve 3g. I was wondering what the Blackberry services included? Can I use windows live messenger and twitter etc without this service? I will have 500mb internet on my phone but this will not include internet data. Someone help Im confused!

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    it alouds you to use blackberry messager, and blackberry app world where you can buy apps for you phoneor just download the free one's like twitter, facebook ect !

    Source(s): I have that fone :)
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    The app blackberry messenger may be put in yet you may make confident that the blackberry service is preserve. The blackberry service is needed for the blackberry messenger, blackberry digital mail and many diverse apps along with facebook and twitter to artwork. besides the glaring incontrovertible truth that, because you're determining to purchase from the united kingdom you may be powerful as once you purchase a blackberry you may be on a blackberry settlement that incorporates the blackberry service. in diverse international places along with Hong Kong, you may want to truly ask for the blackberry service and files plan that is an further HKD68 in holding with month.

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