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I want to know that can an immigrant get health care services in Canada?

What should be done in order to get health care benefits after moving there? Do I need any health card?

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    When you get your immigration visa and move to Canada, you have a qualifying period for which you get private insurance, then you get a card for provincial healthcare. For this you are eligible as long as you do not leave Canada for more than six months.


    www.canada isn't an official site. You need to look at healthcare in the province you are hoping to live in..

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    Canada has been witnessing increasing rise in the costs of health and medical care in the recent years.

    Several Canadian provinces are waking up to the need for reforms and are taking steps to control health care costs. Ontario took the initiative by announcing reduction of around 50 percent in the prices of the generic drugs along with wiping away of incentive fees to manufacturers of generic drugs.

    It was followed by B.C. (British Columbia) and Quebec in introducing measures for controlling high costs of medical and health care in Canada. While B.C. announced introduction of fee-for-procedure payments to hospitals, Quebec proposed for payments on every single medical visit.

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    If you are a legal immigrant then your process would be just like any American that moved to Canada. You will be required to become a citizen of Canada. Check out their requirements on this website

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