character sketch of narrator in ultimate safari??

please somebody give me a big (if possible)character sketch of the narrator in "the ultimate safari"....thanx in advance!

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    9 years ago
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    Hi Sweet

    I have read this chapter this year in my book. So i think that you are in class 10.

    here is the answer : -

    the narrator is a young girl of nine. in this story, we find her as an intelligent girl having keen interest in

    men and matters. she gives major and minor details as a news reporter. she tells about the people,

    their appearances, likes and dislikes, their clothes, etc. she is very meticulous in her description, not only human beings, plants and natural objects. she has fully understood the characteristics of her grandparents. when she speaks she gives preference to her grandmother, rather grandfather. she has love for her native land. so she wants to go back to Mozambique where she may meet her parents and grandfather. in short the narrator has the potential to be a novelist.

    Source(s): evergreen guide
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