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Who are more self-conscious: circumcised or uncircumcised guys?

the reason I am asking this is because I keep getting emails from people who were circumcised getting mad at me for giving advice to someone who was contemplating getting a circumcision. Well in a world where there are probably 50-50 circ vs uncirc (canada and states atm) I'm trying to figure out who are more self conscious. I'm not trying to generalize I just want to know from personal opions. Circ'd guys are quick to defend their "cut" and uncirc'd are quick to bring up facts.

Thanks everybody.


I realize it isn't the whole world, but I'm talking about just the states and canada. Where circumcision happened a lot at one point or another.

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    Hello Platypus maff

    You have had some good answers from people (EW) and others in the US it has been the intact guys who have been made to feel the most self-conscious being in the minority, but hang on a minute does that mean that the intact ARE the most self-conscious !

    Lets look at this from a different angle.

    Ever seen a young girl getting into an expensive Italian sport car and heard someone say

    " yer well we all know how she got that !"

    Irrespective of whether or not it is true, what is the emotion being expressed ( Jealousy ) we cannot stop it we can hide it, so it does not show, but we cannot stop it, because before you can try and stop an emotion it first has to happen !

    So how does a young circumcised boy feel the first time he sees an intact penis in a changing room or where-ever. There is this boy with something he does not have. Now if he has someone with him he may ask and he is told he has his foreskin yours has been cut off. (Now hold) at that moment, he has realised that this boy has something which has been taken from him, something which he can never have back he has been denied, and that other boy still has his! at that moment he has to feel a hit of jealousy he has to because it is a basic human emotion.

    In the next sentence he will hear " but your better off with out it, it's cleaner!"

    now how does he feel--- better! he has something to hang on too, a belief that this circumcision thing makes him superior to that other boy, will he ever challenge that belief NO-way it has given him a bubble of protection from those feelings of jealousy, and with every load of circumcision rubbish he hears he will do the same thing strengthening that protective bubble,

    But their is a problem and that problem is that they them-selves know why their doing this, so that bubble is never 100% secure.

    That's why they have to try to tease those intact boys, it's the same old story repeated in other aspects of life

    E.G. if your the best looking guy by a long way then you do not need to put others around you down about their looks as they are no threat !

    It is only when others become a treat, that you need to try and put them down (in their place)

    but the circumcised boy have needed to tease WHY ?

    because they are not as confident as they try to put over, which means it is they who are the most self-conscious !

    some times you have to look deeper into the murky pool of life to get to the truth!


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    10 years ago

    Judging by the questions, and responses, on Y!A on this topic, I'd say it's the circumcised guys who are more self conscious.

    If you think about it, they are the unnatural ones, and on a world wide basis, they are the minority, only about 15% of guys are circumcised.

    I see that circumcised guys from the USA seem to think that they are a majority, but that's only in their small part of the world, and the rates are dropping. In 2009, the USA rates were down to around 33%. With insurance companies refusing to pay for cosmetic surgery, and parents being able to discover the truth about circumcision, the rates are set to drop even more.

    I can't think of any situation where a guy with a normal body would feel insecure, but I do know that a lot of circumcised guys are fully aware that they not complete, and try to make up excuses for their inadequacies.

    Source(s): 85% of men on the planet can't be wrong.
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  • e w
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    10 years ago

    In the USA, over the past few decades, circumcised guys came to think of themselves as normal, because most of their peers were also circumcised. We came to think of circumcision as routine and harmless, but there is much more information available nowadays about what kind of damage and mutilation circumcision really is.

    There are still individuals who think that the non-circumcised penis looks "weird." It's ironic that individuals think that a surgically mutilated pernis looks "normal" and an intact penis looks strange.

    Like it or not, a non-circumcised penis looks the way that it's supposed to.

    And while the circumcised male was in the majority in the past in the USA, that is changing rapidly, and only about 33% of male infants are having circumcision forced on them these days in the USA.

    In future, circumcised males will be teased about being circumcised, undoubtedly, and will therefore feel more self-conscious.

    Finally more Americans realize what most of the rest of the world knew all along; damaging a penis damages sexual feeling, function and ability.

    Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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  • 10 years ago

    "Well in a world where there are probably 50-50 circ vs uncirc (canada and states atm)..." the "world" to you is the US and Canada...this is sad.

    If Wikipedia is to be believed 30% are circumcised and out of these 70% are Muslim. Living in Europe i've never seen a cut one, and if i do i won't care about the differences.

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  • 10 years ago

    I agree with: Circ'd guys are quick to defend their "cut" and uncirc'd are quick to bring up facts.

    As to the Q, I would say that it depends upon the numbers cut/natural of one's piers. I was born in the 60s and about 75% of the guys in the US were cut. I had a buddy that was cut that spent a year in France (which made him a bit self-conscious). I think as a teen I was a bit more self-conscious, conscious certainly that most girls would have less natural penis experience. However, that probably lasted until I was about 20 and I became quite confident that women would accept me (which they did) and that natural is better -- naturally.

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  • Beery
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    10 years ago

    I think both circumcised and intact men are not self-conscious enough - by which I mean they are pretty complacent, and that's the problem. Babies are being mutilated every day because circumcised men don't speak out about the fact that they were mutilated and made sexually dysfunctional when they were infants. They don't speak out because they are ignorant of what they've lost, or they're embarrassed about it, or they're in denial. There's too much self-consciousness in terms of being embarrassed about the state of one's penis, and not enough self-consciousness in terms of saying, 'Yes, this is the way I am, and I'm glad / angry about it'.

    By the way, the word is 'intact'. We don't call people with all their limbs 'unamputated', so why should we call people with a normal penis 'uncircumcised'? It doesn't make sense, unless you believe that circumcision is necessary - and clearly it isn't..

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  • Rich G
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    10 years ago

    In the US, uncircumcised are more self conscious because they are still in the minority. In the remainder of the world, circumcised are more self conscious because they are the minority.

    I am in the US but feel so proud of my restored foreskin, An the only thing I am self conscious about is in the knowledge that when I have sex is it so much more pleasurable than circumcised guys

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  • 10 years ago

    Well, I'm a woman, so I probably don't have the answer you're looking for, but I haven't met a guy who was unhappy with his cut/uncut status. My opinion as a woman is that I prefer uncircumcised guys, both for practicality, like that hand jobs are easier, and the head is extra sensitive and I like it because it's more 'natural'. I never understood why boys would be circumcised except for religious reasons, but only Jewish guys need to be, as far as I know.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    uncut guys are more likely to be self conscious. I think this is because in America the majority of males are circumcised at birth and are poorly educated regarding circumcision. So as adolescence those who are cut tend to make fun of what they consider different or not normal. But the fact is uncircumcised guys think of cut guys in the same way because to them having foreskin is normal. I say if you are uncut enjoy it, if your cut enjoy it as well.

    Source(s): uncut and teased when in high school
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  • Anna
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    10 years ago

    How self-conscious a guy is, has nothing to do with his circumcision status.

    In my opinion.

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