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If someone has my checking account number and routing number, can they view my account balance and activity?

Can they find any of my information online or at a bank branch?

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    ~~No there would be absolutely no way. To view any activity online they would need your log in info, and to find out anything about it through the bank, they would be put through quite a few identity questions only you could know. Having those two things could not give a person anything other than a way of depositing money INTO your account. You identity and information is highly protected.~~

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    They would need more than just the account number and routing number to view your account. With that info tho they could draft money from your account.

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    they choose to work out your economic enterprise and cost reductions debts because of the fact they only could desire to pay JSA in case you have decrease than £sixteen,000 in 'value reductions' (and JSA is 'decreased' in case you have over £8,000). in case you refuse to coach them, they are going to anticipate you're hiding money OR hiding customary income (which factors to you having a job) and cease your JSA .. they do no longer care what you spend the JSA on = this is meant to be for 'residing costs' & that could desire to be virtually something ..

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