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what are some retail stores/companies with internal problems that won't be solved by may?

for my strategic marketing class this semester we have to choose a company with internal (preferably marketing) problems, be able to analyze the issues then offer up solutions at the end. the problems preferably should not be ones that will be fixed any time soon so that it's easier to do the project over the course of the semester. but i'm having a hard time finding companies to do. my professor said to go with the industry we are most attracted to and for me that is the fashion/retail industry.

i looked up some stores and companies, but i feel like the problems could be solved before my semester ends. also i'm not sure how long company issues take to solve. i wanted to do bloomingdales, but there doesn't seem to be any issues at this time. i have a few other companies in mind (h&m, gap inc, nordstrom) but i can't find any sort of problems.

can any of you help me with some suggestions please? thank you!

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    Potential Merger between Borders and Barned and Noble...

    Good article:


    Clues to Borders http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014240527487041...



    Financial notes are better here:


    You should know by April the outcome on a second financial statement. In the meantime notes reveal questions about liquidity within the company and the need possibly to sell off certain assets. News related to the first article may also be forthcoming and show how potential the merger is.

    Here is a suggestion:

    Look at the list of closings and the find the stores you know are having problems (not just closing some stores and reopening in other places.) [Suggest Borders may be a candidate.]

    Look up the financial info on the company (use their stock code preferably rather than name at the sec site in the edgar search. Look at their latest 10q or 10k filing. Go to their website and see if they have any news postings. Look on the web for the latest news in WSJ, USA Today, etc..

    [See article above and other links]

    Create some information to track them with. And follow up regularly.

    An excellent source of information is found in the Notes of the financials of the company.

    You may need to find out who owns the company in order to get their stock code. Look at their website in about us/contact info etc. It is sometimes easy to grab the stock code from Yahoo finance and some good information as well. You can get to the financials faster, but sometimes you don't get the filing with all the details in it.

    You can also add valuable retail statistics to your project or compare them to a company that is doing better. Also you will know best if the company is recently posting a 10Q and the problem seems to be ongoing, then chances are you can catch up with next 10Q.

    Sources of Information:

    Retail Overview General Info

    Census Bureau programs covering businesses selling and products sold for individual use



    •Census of Retail Trade, see Economic Census

    •Annual Retail Trade Survey

    •Advance Monthly Retail Sales Survey

    •Monthly Retail Trade Survey

    Data Listings:







    Source(s): Web Search
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