Can you see this feud going into Wrestlemania (Legacy vs Nexus vs Corre - More Inside)?

OK, lets say that it will not be Barret vs Taker at this year, and WWE decides to add him to the CM Punk/Orton feud (Yes, I know he is a SD! Superstar, but that really does not matter anymore in the past couple of months) - So here is how I would do it....

Raw: 2/7/11 - Orton wants to start to take out the Nexus members one by one (similar to Cena) - later that Night, it is announced it will be Orton vs Otunga-- Orton defeats Otunga, and after the match, Nexus beats down on him... (also that night, Jerry Lawler defeats Ted Dibiase Jr., and he is taken out on a stretcher)

Raw 2/14/11: It is announced that later in the show, Orton will be in a 3 on 1 Gauntlet match between him and Mason Ryan, Michael Migillicuty, and CM Punk - Orton ends up winning this match: - After the match, The Corre surrounds the ring and beats down on Orton -

Smackdown 2/18/11 - Wade Barret (along with the Corre) announce that they are after Orton becasue Barret is still angry that he was not able to win the WWE Title against Orton....

Elimination Chamber 2/20/11: Orton and Punk are the first two in the EC Match, and they continue to battle untill Nexus enters from under the Cage and attacks Orton - then the Corre comes out of no where and attacks Punk/Nexus - Punk and Orton are both KOed when Cena enters and pins punk, so that he is eliminated - Orton gets up and battles Cena, but does not win, and Cena wins the EC Match

Raw 2/21/11 - During the night, Orton is seen on the phone, asking if "they" could come to Raw tonight.... Later That Night, it will be Orton in a 3/3 Tag Match with Nexus - Nexus (M.M, M.R, and D.O) come out first, and then Randy comes out, and pauses, and out comes LEGCY (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.) - Legacy goes onto defeat Nexus, but then the Corre attacks Legacy after the match....

Smackdown 2/25/11 - It is announced the The Corre (E.Jackson, H.Slater, and J.Gabriel) will face Legacy in a tag match that night - The Corre defeats Legacy after Barret interfers, and then Nexus runs to the ring and attacks The Corre-

Raw 2/28/11 - Nexus comes out to cut a promo, and The Corre interupts, and then Legacy interupts... Orton states that it is not a fair match, being that Nexus and The Corre have 4 members, but Legacy only has 3 - So Orton then introduces the newest member of Legacy, Brett Dibiase (Ted's youner brother) - Later that night, the GM announces a battle Royal between all the members of the Corre, Nexus, and Legacy - The Corre wins the Battle Royal after Barret eliminates Orton

Smackdown 3/4/11 - The Corre comes out and gloats on how they one the Battle Royal on Raw, and Booker T (announcer) interupts them saying that it was a fluke win - and Booker announces that he will come out from behind the announce table to face Barret in a Match that night - Booker is able to defeat Barret, but then the Corre attacks Booker, and then Nexus attacks the Corre, and then Legacy clears the ring of Nexus and the Corre.

Raw 3/7/11: Legacy is in the ring to cut a promo, but before Randy could start, the GM chimes in. S/he says that s/he is tired of every group attacking each other, and that it will be settled at Wrestlemania: it will be Punk vs Barret vs Orton in a Triple Threat Match, with the Nexus, Corre, and Legacy as Lumberjacks... and then the GM announces that in the next following weeks, members of each group will face off against each other on matches on Raw/SD - and if a member of the Non-Participating group interfers, then that group will not be able to be Lumberjacks during Wrestlemania (ex: if its is Nexus member vs Legacy member, the Corre cannot interfere) - Later that Night, it is announced that Orton will face Mason Ryan - and Orton wins

SD 3/11/11 - J.Gabriel (w/Corre) def. Brett Dibiase (w/Legacy)

Raw 3/14/11 - H.Slater (w/Corre) def. M.Migillicuty (w/Nexus)

SD 3/18/11 - Ted Dibiase (w/Legacy) def. Heath Slater (w/Nexus)

Raw 3/21/11 - E.Jackson (w/Corre) def. D.Otunga (w/Nexus)

SD 3/25/11 - Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase (w/Orton/B/Dibiase) def. Barret/Jackson (w/Corre)

Raw 3/28/11 - CM Punk (w/Nexus) def. J.Gabriel (w/Corre)

SD: 4/1/11 - Wade Barret (w/Corre) def. D. Otunga (w/Nexus) Post Match: Nexus and The Corre beat down on each other whil Legacy watches in excitement for Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 4/3/11 - CM Punk vs Wade Barret vs Randy Orton (Nexus, Corre, and Legacy as Lumberjacks:

My question to you hear is who do you think will win this match and how???

Please, rate/comment my feud -

BQ: Can anyone hear spell Michael Migillicuty's name right without looking it up?


@WoW - Cody Rhode's nose dilema could result in the reformation of Legacy - here - Cody announces that he cannot compete in the next few weeks because of his broken nose, and WWE takes him off TV untill the reformation of Legacy.

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    Nice storyline!! you should be working with WWE, and get their story lines better and bring back the "gang" "group" storylines! damn! i missed the hart foundation, D-X. NOD, LOD, the corporation etc.

    BQ: just refer to him as Michael from nexus. lol

  • krissy
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    4 years ago

    CM Punk Vs. Wade Barret..CM Punk Husky Harris Vs. Justin Gabriel ..Justin Gabriel David Otunga Vs. Ezekiel Jackson..Ezekiel Jackson Heath Slater Vs. Mike McGillicutty..Mike McGillicutty(in my view he would desire to have won nxt season 2) So specific it somewhat is tremendously even yet i think of CM Punks management will help New Nexus win

  • 1 decade ago

    you can go ahead and take legacy out of the picture cody rhodes is turning into his own person he is becoming a household name he has is own gimmick and everything so yea maybe nexus/corre fued

  • 1 decade ago

    good story line, But Legacy wont happen. since Cody Rhodes has his own drama about his nose lol.

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