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Donny asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 years ago

Is it true that an actor/director that has been nominated/won an Oscar, cannot be called underrated?;_ylt=AvyIi...

"I missed the part about a writer/director whose film ("Lost in Translation") was nominated for Director and Picture, and won Original Screenplay is considered underrated. "Lost" was nominated for another 20+ awards and won another 5+ awards.";_ylt=ArK2M...

Bonus: Bill Murray, of course, though I don't remotely understand how he could be called "underrated." Dude's an Oscar-nominated legend.

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    9 years ago
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    Winning a few awards doesn't mean your properly rated; that is idiotic.

    My definition of underrated; not being consistently recognized by movie fans.

    Who are "movie fans"? The people on this forum and the people I come in contact with in the real world. David is the only user who I've seen mention her. I've never met anybody who is a fan of her in the real world.

    Therefore; she is underrated in my mind. And lol at that guy bringing up her father. That has nothing to do with how she is rated.

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    Well, underrated no. But I guess you could be under-appreciated from a broad national point of view. Chances are if your good movie geeks like all of us will appreciate you but maybe not on a large scale. Yeah I don't see how bill murray is underrated he's a classic. Friken ghostbusters man. But when something like LOST wins 700 awards n people were going nuts when it was over its hard to say its underrated by anyone.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I was the one who wrote the first quote you gave.

    And you didn't quote what I said after that:

    "She may be relatively unknown to the general moviegoing public, but that does not mean she is underrated. Her father is considered one of the greatest directors ever! That alone means every one of her films gets lots of attention. My understanding is she is well-regarded by people in the film industry, and that's the under/over-rated they really care about."

    I distinguish between unknown to the public and underrated. They are not the same thing. Sophia Coppola, who was the subject of that question, may be relatively unknown to most people, but if you write and direct a film that wins for Original Screenplay and is nominated for Picture and Director, you are not underrated by the critics.

    I think that's the crux - are we talking about the opinion of the public or the opinion of the critics? Awards are decided by critics and members of organizations (who are usually either critics or have professions in the film industry), but if you ask a random member of the public who watches 1-4 movies per year to name some directors, here are the usual suspects: George Lucas, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, and maybe Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, and Scorsese. Those may be the best known (arguably of all-time) and are not underrated by anyone, but that doesn't mean someone who watches less than a half dozen movies per year is really that well versed in directors.

    It was pointed out in the original question that Sophia Coppola has only directed four films and is therefore underrated. Yes, but Virgin Suicides is one of her other directorial efforts and it is generally praised by critics and people who have seen it, as well.

    By the way, as to the criticism of bringing Coppola's father into it, I stated, as you can read above, that because of her father, her films garner automatic attention. That's simply true. I did not say her films are automatically good.

    You state, "My definition of underrated; not being consistently recognized by movie fans." And I have stated my definition is closer to looking at what the critics say (though I did ask earlier in this whether we are looking at fans or critics, and gave reasons for why I think critics should be favored (ie. most fans are not well-versed in directors)). So as far as I'm concerned, we can agree to disagree. And really, it is not that big of a deal :) Coppola is hugely underrated amongst the public - I completely agree with that. Amongst people who study film or follow film/directors closely, I think she is well-regarded and not underrated.

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    9 years ago

    it is false

    a lot of directors who have Oscar nominations don't get the recognition they truly deserve

    I don't think Bill Murray is underrated, I remember the time the dude was in every movie in every TV-show, I liked him, but there was just too much of him.

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  • Andrew
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    9 years ago

    If you are thinking of the term technically, in saying that the second highest "rated" person should the highest you are suggesting they are underrated. The term doesn't necessarily suggest that they are "underground" or not well appreciated.

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