Alpine IVA-D105 Help?

i bought an ALPINE KCE-236B cable says it compatible with the iva-d105 but i cant figure out how to get it to work. ppl keep sayin sumthin bout an aux+ that needs to b turned off to bypass the i-pod thing. i looked and no aux+ so i have no idea wat to do


ah, thats wat i get for trusting ebay then

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  • 9 years ago
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    Where did you read the KCE-236B is compatible with the IVA-D105? The KCE-236B was designed for 2008 and newer Alpine head units to provide an aux-in through the full speed jack. The radios it works with do have the Aux+ feature in the menu system as you've mentioned. It doesn't work with the IVA-D105 because that radio doesn't have the Aux+ feature. It works with the IVA-D106 as that was the newer model radio that did have that feature.

    The IVA-D105 does have an A/V input though. What you could do is buy yourself a minijack to RCA adapter and just plug that into the back of the radio.

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