What came first Green and Yellow or Black and Yellow?


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    Green Bay Packers as a team were first, they joined the NFL in 1921, the Steelers joined in1933.

    The Green and Gold uniform began with the Vince Lombardi era in 1959.

    The Black and Gold has been used since the beginning.

    Lil' Wayne came out with the tribute song "Green and Yellow" in 2011

    Wiz Khalifa came out with the tribute song "Black and Yellow" in 2010

    There is some kind of remix for just about every team in the NFL

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    Green And Yellow Song

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    what is green at first then yellow and then black

  • Black and Yellow came out first and then they released the purp and yellow song about the lakers and now lil wayne came out with green and yellow.

    JT-Go Packers: i sent you an e-mail with the lil wayne song thinking you haven't heard it but I guess you have.

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  • Um... what's exactly the question. Did the team colors come first, the teams themselves, the team songs about their colors? And in football we refer to Yellow as Gold, because it's more awesome that way.

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    black and yellow

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