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how does ace cash express work?

So, I have a personal check and it says that they will cash them. I was just wondering to they call who the check is from or do they run it through a machine to verify that their i enough money. I dont want them to call because if they call my mom then shell know im not at home?? do they call or not??

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    They will at a minimum call the bank. If the bank won't tell them the check is good, they will call the issuer. (your mom)

    BTW Ace Cash charges an exhorbiant fee to cash checks. It would be about 1/10th of the cost to cash that thing at the grocery store, or walmart. Walmart advertises they cash checks up to $1000 for only a $3 fee. I don't know what the restricitons are on that and if that includes personal checks.

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    i hate to be the bearer of bad news but ace express is nationwide, most payday loan places are crooks anyway your going to have to pay this their interest is very high

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