info on a japanese akitas!!! (if you own one or know about them hehehe XD thanks) Mostly and opinion question?

hey after pestering my dad for a dog for literally 10 years he has said yes!!! (best day of my life)

so my favourite breed of dog is a japanese akita (KAWAII)

but i know hardly anything about them i mean i nobody who owns one

i believe they are loyal and a great family dog


there had been something in the news about an akita attacking a little girl (i think)

(another but) BUT i believe that its the owner that makes the dog i mean there are so many dogs with bad reputations like




and bulldogs

but my sister had a french bulldog (ugly but cute) and its friendly and playful so....

any way i got of the point of the question sorry :(

so if anyone can give me any advice on akitas and any info that would be brilliant

please don't post a link to a website i would prefer your opinion as dog owners




hey about all the comments about being a first time dog owner

i am


my dad isn't he was brought up with dogs and is very good with them

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  • 9 years ago
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    None of the dogs that you mention are appropriate for first time owners. They all need experienced owners, tons of training, tons of exercise, and tons of activities to do.

    Akita Inus require extensive training and exercise. They are not naturally dog friendly so they must be socialized early and repetitively through their lives. They are suspicious with people other than their owners. No child, family member or otherwise, should ever be left alone with any dog. Children and dogs should ALWAYS be supervised.

    They are extremely independent dogs but if you don't develop a good leadership as an owner right from the beginning, they WILL do what they want. They will never tolerate a challenge from a male dog. They have a thick double coat that requires grooming.

    This is not a dog for the inexperienced. This is not a dog for a new dog owner. This is not a dog for an owner who isn't willing to put 100% effort forth all day, every single day.

    You can research the breed yourself by using Google. Look for Akita dog traits and also check the website.

  • 9 years ago

    The best dog I ever owned was an Akita (if you are in the UK, there is no longer any breed called Japanese Akita - there are 2 breeds, the Japanese Akita Inu and the Akita).

    Most importantly, they are not a breed suitable for a first time dog owner.

    They are intelligent, stubborn, strong and capable of doing enormous damage. They are very loyal, protective and want to be with their people at all times - they can be very destructive if left to their own devices. They cannot be trusted off-lead and most are same sex aggressive, not tolerating the same sex on what they perceive as their territory. They are a HUGE responsibility. They also moult to Olympic standard.

    Unfortunately, there are too many Akitas being bred without regard to temperament and health - all Akitas should be 100% reliable with humans and temperament is inherited as much as size, colour etc.

    If you like the look of an Akita - and not just because it's a large, impressive dog - there are plenty of other Spitz breeds more suitable for a novice owner.

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    9 years ago

    I breed Japanese Akita Inus and they are the most loyal, respectful dogs I have ever owned and worked with. However, for inexperienced dog owners they are stubborn, energetic and hard headed. A Japanese Akita Inu is a working dog and it needs a purpose. They cannot be your average family pet unless you have the time and energy to train and work with one.

    They are Beautiful breeds and require a lot of grooming. Ignore all the media about the attacks every breed of dog has attacked. My motto is, blame the owner not the breed!.

    Make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder. Check for pedigree, hip scoring, health cert etc. View the pups first. I have people contacting me every week because they were scammed and purchased an AMERICAN Akita because they did not know the difference. The Japanese Akita Inu is rather rare in the UK so make sure you know what your looking for. Don't buy on a whim because you are having trouble finding one. You may have to pay a deposit and wait for your pup to be born.

    Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree with everyone else, The Akita is not a good breed for a first time dog owner. They can be great dogs but much like pits, in the wrong or inexperienced hands they can be very dangerous animals. We have one, and she is a great dog, loyal, loving, protective, but she is extremely Territorial, and very animal aggressive. She had to be securely separated from our other pets at all times or she would literally kill them. We eventually had to move her to my in-laws house where she can be the only dog. And the fur!!! there is nothing else like it, I have never in my life seen a dog throw that much fur. As an indoor dog it would need daily grooming, and so would your house! Think about having to sweep, dust, and vacuum literally everyday. I really suggest you look into some other breeds, not a good idea to own one unless you Have owned a large dog previously, really know what your doing training wise, can truly handle the up-keep, and can commit to having them be the only pet in the home.

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    9 years ago

    They are not suited for a novice dog owner. They have dominant temperaments, and tend to have aggression towards other dogs and small animals. They can develop human aggression as well when handled improperly or when not bred responsibly. They are large in size and very powerful, which can make them difficult for an inexperienced handler to control.

    French Bulldogs, while they can be stubborn, are small in size, easily controlled, not a difficult breed to own.

    You need to be looking at breeds with a "softer" temperament.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You must be the pack leader of these dogs. They are very willfull and need firm training. You must achieve pack leader status and keep order in the pack. Their humans must provide them with daily mental and physical exercise. Japanese Akitas need long daily walks. Their temperament and look is different from the American standard Akita's.

  • 9 years ago

    If it was your favourite type of dog then you would know EVERYTHING about this breed. Just do your research, look at inherited diseases, look at insurance, look around for breeders. Please do research.

    The likely hood of a dog attacking is increased by having a cr**py owner.

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