How do creationists define "kind"?

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"Mutations do not change a species kind. Period!"

How do creationists define "kind"?

Are different species the same kind?

Are ring species the same kind?

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    Kinds would be Dog-wolf-etc., Donkey-mule-horse-zebra-etc., Lion-tiger-cat-cheeta-etc., as against species like Dog, Wolf, Donkey, Horse, Lion, Tiger, and so on. (God created the kinds, and many think that species “evolved” from these kinds very quickly, not over millions of years.) We must keep in mind that the Bible is not a taxonomical book. The Bible’s main purpose is to tell us about God and His scheme of redemption

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    A 'kind' is a classification in the Bible for animals that can hybridize. Moses brought two (or seven) of each 'kind' (not species) of animals into the ark and after the flood, they were told to go forth a refill the earth. The 'species' we classify are nothing more than the specialization of separated 'kinds' of animals.

    If you want to be 'evolutionist' about it, the original animals Noah brought through the flood were a 'common ancestor' but that doesn't explain why they can hybridize. A more correct term would make all of the animals 'common descendants' of the original animals, different in appearance due to concentration of the genetic code and mutations but not a seperate 'species' because of their ability to hybridize.

    God bless

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  • @thundercatt9: "and many think that species “evolved” from these kinds very quickly,"

    So, evolution does not occur except when it does. And slow evolution over millions of years does not occur because it actually occurs very fast.

    Can you please provide an example of the dividing line between kinds? That is, those "kinds" that are similar to other "kinds" but actually separate "kinds."

    Example: would you say that chimps and gorillas belong to the same original "kind" and they separately evolved very fast from that original kind (as in your example of all species of cats belonging to the same kind)? What about the orangutan? Would it be separate from the gorilla and chimp, or would it be of the same kind? Or do you consider each of those apes to have originated from separate kinds?

    And could you please give your justification for whichever one of those propositions you concur with.

    [Edit: And if you don't answer, I'll take it as meaning you have no idea of what you are talking about and can't answer.]


    Also, please go back to this question and take a look at my answer:

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    I have seen biologists take the liberty to identify different dogs a different species of dog due to a different looking snout or longer tail or something as rudimentary as that. Scientifically they are still all the same kind. A dog will always produce a dog no matter what you do to it. Period! A cat will always produce a cat. No matter how large that cat gets. It is still a cat. This is true science. Kinds do not become other kinds. Period!

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  • Sal
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    9 years ago

    human species for example vary in features and common in biology. you don't become a doctor only to study chinese human anatomy or african....etc. because all have the same function and biology.dogs the same,cats..etc.

    human kind share the same biology functions and organs ,the size may vary but all have the same functions.

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    1. A word that other people use, so you can use it too. It probably means cheese.

    2. Doing something to another person and expecting a reward.

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    I don't think even the creationists have a precise understanding of what they mean by "kind." So let them quote the Bible. I'll quote Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do think think it means what you think it means."

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think humans are one "kind" and bats and birds, cows and rabbits are another "kind".

    Fish and dolphins too.


  • 9 years ago

    In whatever manner allows them to cling to their unsupported beliefs of course...

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