STP oil treatment didint mix :(?

I put it straight into my car, I didn't know you had to mix it with oil before you put it in, now the car is acting up will an oil change fix it.


The rpm gets real low about to stall it was running perfect before

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  • wakawu
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    10 years ago
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    Your engine doesn't need anything except plain ol oil. I don't know why people buy that nonsense stuff.

    Acting up how? Go ahead and take that crap out of your engine and fill it with regular oil. I've run plenty of cars on regular dino oil for the life of the motor and as long as you change it regularly there is no problem at all

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    You don't need to mix it with oil... You pour it straight into a warm motor.. Or cold (tho it should be warm so it flows better..) once the motor is run it well mix the STP into the oil.. A little more information would be nice like HOW is it acting up?.. might not have anything to do with the oil or the STP. All STP does is thicken up the oil a little to help it stick to lose parts and somewhat quite up a noise motor.. What cause you to want to put STP in it?

    how much did you put in ? one can I hope.

    good luck


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  • 7 years ago

    Last weekend I got a deal on STP OIL TREATMENT at Advance Auto parts .I drive a 2000 Ford E-150 van /4.2/V-6 engine !I was goping to drive my wife 120 miles to get her Cancer Treatment .We got 40 miles and the engine started to tick and valve noise? The oil pressure would drop down to 0 and then back to normal every 30 seconds! I shut the engine of and had to baby it all the way 40 miles back home! I changed the oil and filter and now it is almost back to normal! NEVER USE THIS STP CRAP EVER!

  • 10 years ago

    I use to put additives on engines too without mixing it with the oil first, just adding it though when the engine is already warmed -up and run engine again after pouring the additive. If you were able to warm your engine after you poured your STP oil treatment, there's no reason for you to worry. These addititives had been tested to help prolong your car's life not ruin it.

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  • 10 years ago

    take the stp out of your is junk! if you want to put a oil treatment in your car buy lucas oil stabilizer..its the best you can buy..i put it in both my cars and my is very good stuff..and oil alone is not anof for your car if you want to protect it to its top spec..i even put in my 2009 to eliminate dry starts..thats the #1 cause of wear for your reduces friction for less wear,you will get higher fuel mileage bleave it or not and also more power..get lucas! get that JUNK out of there..if you dont bleave it the best you can ask any trucker or just walk in to a auto part store and ask about it..hope this help! also you dont have to mix it first..i never have! just when you change your oil if it takes 5 qts,put 2 qts of oil in your engine then putthe bottle of lucas then the other 2 qts..cuz remember lucas is a qt buy its self.....

  • 10 years ago

    it should mix with the oil once you start your car. i used it before and never had any trouble.

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