What does k&c stand for in figure skating?

I've only recently started to follow figure skating and someone mentioned amodio and morozov at the k&c. Are they referring to an event and, if so, what's the full name? Thanks in advance

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  • 10 years ago
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    K&C means Kiss and Cry.

    This is where the skaters and their coach sit at a competition straight after their skate.

    The little flower girls bring the flowers and teddies that people have thrown on the ice.

    They are waiting for their marks and traditionally there is a lot of hugging, crying or big

    smiles etc depending on how well they skated and their marks from the judges.

    It is usually shown if the competition is televised as it makes good watching!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The k&c is the Kiss and Cry area. It's where the skaters wait to get their marks. It's called the kiss and cry because over the years we've seen every reaction in that area from hysterical sobbing (bad marks) to elated kissing! (good marks!)

    Every competition has a kiss and cry area. Some are really fancy, but others are quite simple.

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