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Why do Kerry Washington and most black girls have a bigger shoe size than biracial girls?

I saw this on, but wondered if there were a scientific reason for this.

Kerry Washington, Beyonce, and Rihanna are typical of many black females, beautiful, but with a large shoe sizes of 8.5 to 9.

Girls like Mya Harrison, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry are typical of many biracial girls who have petite shoe sizes of 7.0, 6.5, and smaller.

My biracial girl friends have a shoe size of 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, 5.5, and 5.0, but all my black girl friends have a shoe size of 8 and above. Some larger white girls have 8 and above too. Just curious? Anyone care to answer?


btw. Scientific specifics beyond genetics, like is it evolutional, like how pigment adjusted to different climates and geographies? Same for body types. It's an honest question.

Update 2:

fyi ... My questions have nothing to do with the tabloid dribble out there or on, referencing Kerry Washington's aging, sagging chest, weight loss, etc .. . My questions are about genetics and Kerry, Beyonce, Halle are tangible examples for these questions. Bone formation being the most basic DNA change within Primates like us Homo Sapiens.

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    See you've gone further with my question ;-). It's a reasonable question. Kerry Washington, Beyonce, and Rihanna didn't grow up in Africa but I'm assuming you think their genes for feet probably accommodate that climate and geography.... for some practical reason?

    On the other hand you could argue against it. Let's use another example, that comes up on the with the foot shoe size questions ( . . . Kerry Washington having a flat derriere):

    For lack of a better example, you have Biracial girls who have round derrieres (no polite way to say this, sorry bout tht), which I read that was an African trait dealing with water retention from way back. Then there are Black girls like Kerry or Beyonce who aren't real round in that area but they're not biracial either. In other words, being pure one thing or another isn't a factor . Kerry and Beyonce have more black blood but their derrieres are more European than some biracial girls. (and Kerry's could be due to weight loss).

    That could be true for foot size. You've just not met any black females who have that trait yet (small feet). And it's a stereotype about Black women and foot size. Just because someone is mixed, doesn't mean they'll have small feet. Kerry Washington's feet are big because she inherited her size, not because she's black. There are women around the globe, like South Asian women with feet the size of Kerry or Rihanna.

    In that case, I have to agree with others here. it's genetic inheritance and which genes dominate. Otherwise some biracial girls wouldn't have round derrieres...and so forth. Genetics for feet, genetics for other traits. Evolution from said places like Africa might play a role in the beginning, but then it's whatever the genes determine.

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    Kerry Washington Feet

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    It's called "genetics".

    Edit: I don't understand how you couldn't be satisfied with that. Well...

    I think certain things are just in the genes. It can't be evolutional unless there is proof that they didn't use to be that way. Pigment deals with skin color, it has nothing to do with feet. Body types can be a factor, but it all leads to genetics, because it depends on what your parents and historical genes had. Pretty much, anything that is different about you, appeareance wise, has to do with what came before you. There isn't much else.

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    Mya Harrison Feet

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    keep looking, you ll find a big contradiction to the answers to this question.

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