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Steps after landing at Frankfurt Airport?

Good evening! I will be flying a non-stop flight to Frankfurt, Germany this weekend. This is my first international flight and I would like to know how everything will work after I land in Frankfurt. My husband is meeting me and tried explaining what will happen, but it was over the phone and I'm a little confused about getting though customs and immigration and whatnot. Can someone tell me what should happen from the time I get off the plane to the time when I can meet my husband?

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    First you'll go through immigration. You'll probably be given forms in the plane to fill out, and you'll need to give those and your passport to the officer. They'll ask you questions about your visit, like whether your trip is business or pleasure, where you'll be visiting, and how long you'll be staying.

    After immigration, you'll pick up any bags that you checked.

    After that, you'll go through customs. You aren't allowed to bring fruits, vegetables, or meats into Germany, and they'll have some dogs wandering the hall sniffing bags as part of their check. If you aren't carrying anything that needs to be declared (like lots of money, or things that you'll be selling), you can head through green lines marked nothing to declare. Some airports have you hand in a customs card that you're given on the plane as you leave the area, but I don't remember if Frankfurt is one of them.

    After customs is when you'll get out into the general waiting area and get to see your husband.

    There are no cell phones allowed in immigration and customs, so wait until after you get through.

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    Customs Frankfurt Airport

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    You'll have to go through both customs (where you turn in your card and declare anything you need to) and immigration (basically passport control). It'll seem confusing, but just follow the crowd from your flight; you can also just ask any airport attendant for assistance.

    It can take a short time or a long time; it just depends. Plan on an extra half hour at least. If you and your husband have cell phones, I'd use them. Many airports have cell phone lots where people can wait for arriving flights, but I'm not sure if Frankfurt has one. I couldn't find reference to it on their website.

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    not lots to assert. make confident that your watch is on Frankfurt time once you're in there. Get a map of the airport from the internet web site, so u haven theory of the format once you get off the 1st flight examine the computer screen to confirm what gate you will might desire to bypass to get the 2nd flight, and then bypass and detect a extreme high quality place to consume, examine, keep, seem around or do despite you %. In 5 hours you're able to have time to locate each thing, possibly take some pictures. approximately an hour earlier examine the video demonstrate gadgets back to confirm in the event that they have moved the gates (it happens) and be on the gate early to be confident you dont miss the flight.

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    you don't say where you're flying from...if within Schengen zone, there is no passport or customs control, just pick up your bag and boogie.

    If from outside Schengen, then yes, first immigration (unless you are from 3rd world country, probably look at your passport picture to make sure it's you, stamp it, & wave you on) then (if you checked a bag) escalator down to baggage claim, get your bag, go thru customs (red or green channel)....outside to meet the hub!

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