WoW raiding DPS question?

k so i recently hit 85 on my first toon and havent done any raiding since i started playing and when asked to join a BH group i am asked to do 10k dps...what does this mean like is it every hit has to do 10k or every couple seconds or something like that?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's your DPS as measured by the add-on, Recount. It counts all damage that you do, then divides it by the number of seconds of combat activity.

    Honestly though, too many non-guild groups focus too much on damage output stats. If you were part of a guild group, and doing less than the others on DPS, you could be placed in charge of interrupts/stuns/silences/crowd control. There's bound to be some youtube video for that raid that shows some strategies for the bosses. Get your guild and you to watch it. Go with your guild and you won't need the add-ons, known in every offline game as cheats.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    get the recount addon to find out your dps.

    dps means damage per second. so basically it means that your average damage should be over 10k every second.

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