Hi whats the best jib/ park board for around $300?

Hi i live in michigan so i not going to be going to mountains often i have been looking at a capita stairmaster or horroscope any suggestions?

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    10 years ago
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    COMPLETELY FALSE!! Capita boards are so soft! Especially the horrorscope! and the do not get damaged easily, in fact for a jib board they hold up much better than gnu and libtech, those brands don't even have full wrap edges!! If you want to stay close to 300 get the stairmaster. It may be a little stiff at first but it will loosen up after riding it a little, just make sure you dont get one too big! if you want to spend the extra money and want a board that is a complete noodle, but still has good pop get the horrorscope. Its is really a skaters snowboard, one of the most soft, fun decks to jib with.

    I personally would get the horrorscope, it is soft, but so fun and you will progress a lot on rails/boxes after a season on it.

    Source(s): Ride capitas, ultrafear, horrorscope, stairmaster, indoor. they are by far some of the best decks for the true park and mountain rider.
  • 10 years ago

    K2 www

    Gnu park pickle

    libtech- most of their boards

    neversummer evo/revolver

    Most of these you'd have to spend more than 300$ or get a used/last years model. It's hard to get anything decent for that price, but a burton hate is a fun board for a couple seasons.

    all good boards, personally I don't like ride, because they're too stiff even their jib boards. Burtons get beat up too easy, and capita/technine fall apart really easily (delam/base damage.)

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    Like the guy above me its hard to find a good park board for around this price but you may be good with a capita except their not all that soft. Rome boards arent too bad, i would probably stay away from libtech and gnu because those are more advanced boards. Salomon makes some good boards but mucho denero umm check ebay for older models. K2 www!

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    10 years ago

    Ride Dh

    Nitro T2

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