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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleOther - Beauty & Style · 1 decade ago

I have to decide by saturday wether to follow my dream or follow my other newer dream ....?

Im 20 years old 6 years of stock market trading experience its been fun but also very stressful i lost 10K the other week in forex trading which was all my fault and regardless it was my fault and i knew i shouldnt have done what i did but whatever... Anyway my passion has always been flying ive always wanted to become an airline pilot but if i pursue this path i will end up broke until im 35 or so and fly for a respectable airline even then there is only a 60% ill make it. On the other hand i trade stocks very well and know what im doing i could become a millionaire by the time im 30 doing this and ofcourse its no certain but i have a vvery good chance. and i do it well vs forex trading which is gambling and i knew this but didnt listen to myself and took a major risk and lost.. the EUR?USD just sky rocketed i could have make 30K in the past 2 weeks have i went long instead of short but that past is the past.. now im pretty much broke.. i have to decide before i start flying what path to take.. i can see the future right now either an airline pilot or possibly a millionaire sitting in my own jet.. im just not sure there is never a garuntee but i have to choose and i have to do it NOW. HELP!

im worried one day when i have a family that ill never be home but happy vs if i fail in the markets its all over for me ill have nothing... and theres no way ill use a finance degree to work on wall street doing crap.. i rather be a trader or airline pilot BUT NOTHING ELSE

not to mention i spent 6 years of very hard core study learning everything about the markets ive read hundreds of books poured through thousands of charts ive seen the crash and rallies.. iknow this busineess

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