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What does ACP stand for?

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    ACP is a three-letter acronym that may refer to:


    The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States

    ACP Magazines, Australia

    Active Citizen Project

    Alberta Conservative Party, the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta

    Alliance for Climate Protection

    American College of Physicians

    American Corporate Partners

    Asociación Cívica de Potosí, Nicaragua

    Associated Collegiate Press

    Association of Chess Professionals

    Association of Chinese Professionals

    Atari Coldfire Project

    Australasian College of Phlebology

    Australian College of Pharmacy

    Alberta college of paramedics

    [edit]Science & technology

    Acepromazine, veterinary sedative

    Acyl carrier protein

    Airline Control Program, software operating system

    Albany College of Pharmacy, New York

    AC Propulsion, electric vehicle drive systems company

    Algebra of Communicating Processes

    American College of Physicians

    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, scientific publication

    Automatic Cell Planning, in mobile communications

    Average CPU Power, a power consumption metric

    ANSI code page, a term used somewhere for native Windows code pages (although Microsoft accepts that the word ANSI is a misnomer)


    Acampe, an orchid genus

    Acetophenone, a chemical compound

    Acid calcium phosphate, an ingredient in baking powder

    Address Confidentiality Program, a privacy service for crime victims

    Advanced Care Paramedic

    Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines

    Airport Core Programme, Hong Kong International Airport

    Alliance for Climate Protection

    Allied Communication Publication, a military protocol specification

    Aluminium Composite Panel, building material

    American Communist Party

    Andrew Comrie-Picard, rally car driver

    Appalachian College of Pharmacy, Virginia

    Application Communication Protocol, a vehicle telematics protocol

    Armenian Communist Party

    Array Control Processor

    Associate Computing Professional, see Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals

    Associated Construction Publications

    Audax Club Parisien, in cycling

    Australian Consolidated Press

    Automatic Colt Pistol

    Autoridad del Canal de Panamá or Panama Canal Authority

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    ACP stands for automated Colt Pistol. there is likewise a 40 5 long Colt this is an distinctive layout cartridge. the two are actually not interchangeable, even although they're the two 40 5 high quality.

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