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Have you gotten any updates on our refund that was showing Feb. 1, 2011?

Have you gotten any updates? My just give me a 1201 code and tell me to call. I call and the rep says that the code just mean processing delay. Its funny that 2 years ago when I owe them they where constantly bothering me. I paid them the same year and resolve the issue. Now they owe me and I can't get a straight answer from them. They said the 4464c letter was just a standard letter and my information was correct and even give me a direct deposit date of Feb 1, 2011. I dont need the money that bad but it is sad that the IRS in this age of technological advancement sames to still operate in the stone age.

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    Please update your post.

    Did you call today? Is yours still saying Feb 1? Because mine changed to feb 22nd. I also think you got the 4464C as a standard letter because I got it to, but I was told by a manager at the IRS that my return was opened, but closed on the same day siting no problems, and the letter was automatically mailed out regardless. I was also told that millions who filed early were "resequenced" meaning that the computers erased our information for the queue insteading of crashing the IRS software. So, our returns were manually entered to get processed again. That is the delay. 1201 is really a general delay code. Only be worried if you have 1221, because it means that your return is at someones desk. It lookks like I will get my refund on the 11th at the latest, the rep says.

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    Don't listen to the poster above me. She does not know your situation and why you are getting a refund it could be for credits nothing to do with how much you claim all year but anyway It seems like the IRS is a week behind on most peoples returns. I was supposed to be in the group who got their refund on the 28th but finally this morning I got a dd date of the 4th Good luck hope you get your refund soon

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    You are at fault here for being due a refund. so visit IRS website and use the withholding calculator to assist you in making changes to your W4 Withholding allowance certificate and provide it to your employer to have less with held so you won't be due a refund and have to deal with IRS delays.

    contact Congress to have IRS system upgraded.

    good luck

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