My transmission hesitates on my Buick 2000 Century.?

It happens after I've been driving while and is accompanied by a whining sound coming from the front. If I pull over and stop a couple of minutes it stops.

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    1 decade ago
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    Could be: Are you driving in the snow?? Because if so and you're spinning your wheels and making your rpms go to high for a certain gear you're in than it'll squeal and make that winding noise. But I think it's nothing really mine does that too and when the ground is dry it drives like a champion.

    Could be: If you're feeling a thrusting motion in your tranny(sounds loud too) and you hear lose cluttering sounds from the middle(lose bolts kind of sound) than you want to check out your tranny mount. It could be warn out and/or braking soon. Those are cheap though.

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    1 decade ago

    Best to change it with one from an auto-junkyard. They guarantee the work and will usually have the part available on shelf. If they don't they'll usually have access to other yards in the area that will deliver it to them.

    Transmissions are easy to put in get a quote from a local shop prior to purchase. If you have a garage you can use a floor jack to help you put it in. The worse place to go is to Amco transmission or other transmission shop. You shouldn't have to pay over $500 to change out the transmission.

    Source(s): I do mechanic work on the side. I'm a hairstylist as well.
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