vehicle names for babies?

me and my boyfriend are expecting our first child this July... we are very excited... we are both into vehicle's.. we haven't settled on a name for a boy or a girl.. he really likes Bentley for a boy... which i am fine with.. but it seems like everyone is naming their kids that now... i want it to be different. but also sound good. I've had Hemi recommended for a girl.. i like things like that.. so if you could PLEASE help.. i would greatly appreciate it!

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    No offense but Bentley is kind of tacky. Also, it has the word "bent" in it. And Hemi will automatically be associated with cars and I don't know if your daughter would want that. What if she's not into vehicles?


    Axel (like axle)

    Bennett / Benson / Benjamin "Benz"

    Carl / Carlo / Carson

    Chevy (pronounced CHEH vee)

    Donovan / Evan / Ivan / Vance "Van"

    Henry (Henry Ford)

    Karlo (Karlo Benz)

    Otto (Nikolaus August Otto, also Otto sounds like auto)



    Carla / Carmen


    Vanna / Vanessa

    Victoria (Crown Victoria)

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    Bentley is cute but it is trendy, and associated with the MTV show Sixteen and Pregnant.

    What about Aston Martin (first and middle names)? Its cool and themed but not too cheesy as he will go by Aston?

    Other suggestions for a boy:





    Morris or

    Chrysler ?

    For a girl I would go with Lancia (Italian car) or Lexus (call her Lexi)

    Other suggestions:



    Kia or


    These are all great names! I love Aston and Lexie! Good luck :)

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    Dodge could be for a boy. Good luck!

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    A popular one is Mercedes, and others would be Chevy, Ford,

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