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Why did Anderson Cooper donate his head in Egypt?

Does this validate that CNN is not Egypt's favorite?

------->"The anchor was "punched 10 times in the head."


Camille......Sempar Fi

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    I doubt that many in Egypt have ever even heard of CNN, let alone Anderson Cooper.

    It is more likely that Cooper thought that his so called status here afforded him a bit of leniency on the mean streets of Egypt - he always seems to come off like a person who thinks he is a bit more important than he really is to me. I guess some of the people of Egypt agree, lol.

    A bit violent aren't we Camille?

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    All distant places reporters there are in threat. They went from having the flexibility to stand ingredient by ingredient with the non violent protesters, to being harrassed whilst Mubarak's thugs began to annoy them, to being outright attacked interior the streets. Then they have been in a position to broadcast from specific balconies there, without lights furnishings, and now they're hunkering down interior, and that they are very subdued. sure, those are actual professional-Mubarak thugs, attacking Egyptian human beings to boot as reporters now. that is by way of fact they have been making plans a march on the presidential palace the next day, honestly very quickly their time, and Mubarak does not % the international to confirm the bloodbath he in all probability has in keep. Please, each physique, pray for those non violent protesters. they're reporters, human rights activists, and students, and that they don't lots food, water, or scientific ingredients. they're watching their own human beings, spectacular in front of their eyes, being overwhelmed up, arrested, and robbed. And killed. And pray for all reporters there, by way of fact they're risking their very lives by basically being there.

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    I wish Sean Hannity would go over there and do some reporting from the streets...

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    "Hey Anderson, here's a headline for you."

    In all fun though Anderson is one of the good things about American media.

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    Go there and see if you can break his record. Go for at least 20 punches in the head and show us what a real man can take. I heard if you ride in on a camel you'll be given a hero's welcome.

    have at it big sure to post the video for us

    sure, dude....It's "semper fi"... at least spell it right when you pose...

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    Above all people, Cooper should be aware of the Muslim contempt for Gays.

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