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How to Treat Cats With Lymphoma?

My 1 year old Calico, Misty, has lymphoma. It is in a very early stage, but she can't be treated until her kittens are weaned. I didn't find out she had it until she was pregnant, which was an accident. I didn't have her spayed and she is an indoor/outdoor cat. I know, shame on me. She will be spayed. But I need to know what treatment I should give her. The vet did diagnose it. But, I'm not totally comfortable with the diagnosis. She can't start taking her meds until the babies are weaned. She is no longer allowed outside, but I haven't changed her diet (Pro Plan).

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    The only treatment for cat lymphoma is chemotherapy, without the medication there is no other way to treat a cat with lymphoma. All you can do is keep her comfortable and out of direct sunlight as much as possible..

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