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Toshiba Flat Screen screen black? HELP!?

I have a 26 in Toshiba LCD i think? maybe plasma but i doubt it. anyway about a year ago my dad bought me a computer and like a dip$hit he goes "oh how about you use your t.v. as a computer monitor too???? really just cause he is a cheap ba$tard and didn't want to buy a computer monitor. well it worked for a day then one day when to turn it on and it started up normal but then all a sudden made a weird "pop" noise out the speaker and stays a lit up black if that makes sense. this happen about a year ago and my tv has been sitting in my dad office and him being a hypocritical liar and one of the worst damn procrastinators your will ever met wont do **** to even call people... can someone who maybe knows about tvs and crap tell me whats wrong, is it fixable and how much will it cost to fix. will pick a best answer to most info

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    Get a job and buy a new one.

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