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Genesis people lived almost 1,000 years, what about genesis animals and plants then?

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    No time for Gen.1:1,2; Job 38:4-7,30-32[angels]; Gen.1:3-25; God's day 4, of

    seasons, years and days given plant life along with more light through the

    water shield around that gone earth that was sustaining life long after all

    all born in sin, the new heavens and earth will also, Rev.21:1-5. At time,

    God's day 7 ends, Gen.2:2-4, all days will be one day, Heb.4:1-12, Last day

    with John 6:44; 14:3; Rev.3:12, for Rev.20:1-6, Christ Jesus 1000 yr reign.

    Adam Gen.1:26, to Son #7, Jude 14,15. Noah son #10, flood yr 1656, violence

    669 yrs, Abraham son #20 in genealogy of Jesus, Matt.1:1-17; Heb.11:1-40.

    Adam-130,105,90,70,65,162,65,187,182= 1056 Noah born.

    Gen.5:3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18,21,25,28-Noah born, Gen.7:6, age 600, flood,

    yr 1656, Noah dies yr 2006.

    Shem at 2, 35, 30, 34, 30, 32, 30, 29= 222nd yr, Terah born, dies yr 2083.

    Gen.11:10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24= Terah born, dies age 205, Gen.11:32.

    Yr 0130, at Adam, Cain kills Abel, Seth is born. He dies age 930, Gen.5:5.

    Yr 0130, at Seth, plus 105( he dies age 912, Gen.5:8, yr 1042).

    Yr 0235, at Enos, Plus 090( he dies age 905, Gen.5:11, yr 1140).

    Yr 0325, at Cainan, plus 70( he dies age 910, Gen.5:14, yr 1235).

    Yr 0395, at Mahalaleel, plus 65(he dies age 895, Gen.5:17, yr 1290).

    Yr 0460, at Jared, plus 162(he dies age 962, Gen.5:20, yr 1422).

    Yr 0622, at Enoch, plus 65(he dies age 365, yr 987, Gen.5:23,24, Adam 930).

    Yr 0687, at Methuselah, plus 187(he dies age 969, Gen.5:27, yr 1656).

    Yr 0874, at Lamech, plus 182(he dies age 777, Gen.5:31, yr 1651). Gen.9:28,29,

    Yr 1056, at Noah[age 600 flood, Gen.7:6, yr 1656(age 950, dies, yr 2006 -^-).

    Yr 1558, at Shem, plus 100(he dies age 600, yr 2158, 25 yrs before Abraham).

    Yr 1658, at Arphaxad, plus 35( he dies age 483, year 2141-Shem 2158).

    Yr 1693, at Salah, plus 30(he dies age 433, year 2126, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1723, at Eber, plus 34(he died age 464, year 2187, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1757, at Peleg, plus 30(he dies age 239, year 1996, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1787, at Rue, plus 32(he dies age 239, year 2026, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1819, at Serug, plus 30(he dies age 230, year 2049, Shem 2158).

    Yr 1849, at Nahor, Plus 29, yr 222nd at Terah(he dies age 148, year 1997].

    Yr 1878, at Terah(dies age 205, year 2083, Abraham age 75 son #20, Gen.12:4.

    Yr 2083, at Abraham's covenant, Gen.15:13[400th yr]16[4th gen], 18[to land].

    Yr 2108, at Isaac born, Gen.21:5; yr 2113, Ishmael departs, Isaac is heir.

    Yr 2288, at Isaac dead. Gen.35:28,29, Jacob age 120, 130, 147, Gen.47:9,28.

    Yr 2315, at Joseph age 57 in Egypt, dies age 110, Gen.50:22-26, end Genesis.

    Yr 2368, at 1698 BCE. 145 yrs to Moses Exo.7:7; 12:37,41, 430 yrs from covenant.

    Yr 2513, at Deut.34:7; & Josh.5:6,10,12, 41 yrs+ Judges 11:26, 300 yrs. 450 yrs,

    Yr 2963, at Samuel age 80, Saul & David 66 yrs, 2Sam.5:4,5. Solomon 40, 1Ki.11:42.

    Yr 3069, at 997 BCE, 1413 yrs after flood, 986 yrs from covenant. Judah kings end,

    Yr 3460, at Babylon[ 606 BCE, now at 2011 CE], was 2617 yrs ago, Jesus next king.

    Yr 4064, at birth of Jesus, age 2, Matt.2:11,13,16, yr 4066, Luke 16:16,17[John].

    Yr 4064, at 2064, yr 6128, Matt.24:3,21,36; of yr 6130, God alone knows day & hour.

    Source(s): Bible.
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    Don't we have trees that are 2000-4000 years old?

    (Seriously, the Sumerian Kings List has people that lived for hundreds of thousands of years if they were born before the flood. Mysteriously, all of them lived for life spans exactly divisible by the number 3600. So the theory is that the Babylonians who wrote the King List, using their base-60 number system, screwed the pooch wth the translations. It's very possible the same thing happened with Genesis. Before 1800 BC, just about every city had it's own number system, and you had to translate numbers as often as you translated language.)

    Source(s): . . Sumerian Kings List:
  • Yea, check out those bristlecone pines that are our contemporaries. Word is, some of them were Moses' contemporaries, too. So, they did their thing for a thousand years after he died, then did it for another thousand years, and somewhere else on the globe Jesus came and went, and they kept doing what they do for another thousand years, and then they just kept doing it for centuries and centuries, and then, in March of 1891, a man named Karls Naismith Copperpot, from New Hampshire, cut one of them down for firewood. It was spring, and Karls was desperate. He didn't know. But, the tree didn't mind. Happy for the change of state, I guess. A hundred and twenty years later, that tree's friends still stand, as I suspect they will continue to stand and grow for a thousand and a thousand more years after Karls' great-grandchildren have all passed on. As you know, Karls never existed. But, if you'll google them, you'll meet those trees.

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    Adam wasn't on my own for extremely long. Adam and Eve have been the two created on a similar day. God introduced many of the animals to Adam to call them to not detect a mate from them. God grow to be constantly going to create to Eve. God knew that animals does not be a appropriate mate for Adam. Adam basically mandatory determine it out so he would be extra grateful for Eve.

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    No one knows what the correct translation was for the length of time people meant. Maybe they meant seasons, or moons, but it ended up getting translated as years. Neither do we have an exact measure of what they meant by "cubit". We can postulate a theory as to what they might have meant, but we don't really know.

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    I read where plants and animals were much healthier too. They probably lived a long time too.

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    consider that reptiles, as long as they live, always are growing. dinosaurs, anyone?

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    i suspect that there are still a few roaches from that era in our midst.

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    "The God Delusion"

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