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Toe bruising from tight shoes and socks?


Last few weeks i have noticed that my right big toe has an area of purple/red bruising on right side of the nail. Its kind of sticking up,and im wondering if its because i wear these shoes at work 5 days a week,and ive had them 5 years. I am not sure what size they are,but not much wiggle room at all. It seems the black socks i wear are pretty tight also. A few days ago when i took my socks off(which i rarely do) there seemed to be what looked like some dried blood along the edge of that nail by the bruised area.

So...this sound likely?

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  • Sam
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    9 years ago
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    Tight shoes and even tight socks can cause ingrown toenails. It sounds like that may be what it is. Get checked out by the doctor, because ingrown toenails can get pretty bad. Wear shoes that give you more room as well.

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