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can i use ornacycline for my ill cat?

i have nursed his stomatitis for 10+ years, but it might be getting the best of him. vet antibiotics have never worked for years. we had better results with l-lysine and fish oil, D3 and such. but he is getting worse now and we do not ave any money even for an office visit. i have used this on my pet rats and have always had great results. has anyone got any experience with ornacyclien and thier cat?

thank you, blessings


10 years worth of vets and yes, many work ups. they all think it is viral. most say pulling teeth does not guarentee anything. They suggested l-lysine which did work well sometimes. he has even had cat acupuncture. many doctors over the years and a lot of money. chances are this is bacterial secondary infection. maybe not. ornacycline is a broad spectrum one and works on resp. and intestinal as well. I searched the web to find it has been used on big and large birds, gerbils and hampsters. I was hoping someone had some experience with cats and this abx. any info would be appriciated.

Update 2:

Thanks Susan for your kind words, empathy and great web site. yep, explored this 10 years+

ad-nauseaum. i have checked about every consievable test known to man and vets. 20+ vets in 10+

years, multiple $ of labs and visits and opinions. last time about 2 years ago and over 2k spent.

before we lost almost everything ourselves, plus my major medical bills.

for others trying to help, i am aware of the following. yep, auto immune. possibly secondary infect.

possibly viral as well, long term, not touched by abx. of course, and intermitant bacterial infec. d/t low immunity. Been Told occ. pulling teeth does not usually cure but can help. Also told many times that many cats can die soon of sec. infections due to release of increased colonies, from pulling especially with decreased immune function complications.

Secondary infec. usually are bacterial and with broad spectrum abx and hydrocort., he normally bouces back temp. I would love to have a vet visit. We are now lifing p

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    If you are an RN you know that each antibiotic works on only certain types of bacteria.

    And you probably know that stomatitis has various causes.

    Has any vet every done very thorough diagnostic work to determine the cause in your cat's case?

    If your cat's stomatitis is caused by bacteria your vet, if he or she has investigated, should be able to tell you what the bacterial culprits are in his case. Thing is, I think your vet doesn't know or s/he would not have prescribed antibiotics which don't work. And/or the cause is not bacterial.

    If it is bacterial you could consider having your cat's teeth extracted. But if you cannot afford a vet visit then that is out of the question right now.

    If it isn't bacterial perhaps it is an autoimmune problem of some sort. Or perhaps as can be the case with humans, it is the result of a nutritional deficiency.

    Yes, perhaps your cat is eating a nutritional complete cat food. Still one individual's need for a particular nutrient may be much higher than the norm.

    But to answer directly, no, I have never had experience with giving a cat ornacycline. And I wouldn't either because it is a tetracycline made for birds. So I would suggest that you not use it.

    Sorry I don't know and could do no better than toss ideas around.

    As soon as you can afford it you need to visit a different vet.

    Update: I was thinking about immune-enhancing drugs that might be used in cats, Googled, and found this article:

    I realize you have probably already explored this idea.

    Perhaps though there are some new drugs available that might help?

    Maybe try veterinary school sites and read some of the research articles?

    I did star your q in case any of my contacts know.

    I am sorry your cat is suffering. I've had a couple episodes of it in my life and it was miserable. I hope you get it figured out.

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  • J C
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    Your vet is out of date. Stomatitis isn't bacterial, it's really an auto-immune disorder. The only "cure" is either steroids to reduce the inflammation and lesions (not recommended) or pulling the teeth including the roots. The body mounts an allergic-type response to the teeth, and yes, pulling the teeth is generally the only cure. the other thing that can cause stomatits-like symptoms is bartonella. That needs a specific blood test, and if it is bartonella, then a long-term treatment with an antibiotic in the Clavamox family is the only cure for that.

    Unless it's bartonella, then any antibiotic that you give him won't even begin to cure stomatitis. As I said, it's an auto-immune disorder, not a bacterial infection.

    Source(s): many years of cat rescue (and a cat with stomatitis who now has no teeth and is doing great!).
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  • larmon
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    3 years ago

    There is puppy coverage that you simply now can get if in case you have a tender cat. You might additionally discover a vet on the way to will let you cross on a fee plan or that takes bank cards. You too can paintings with a homeopathic vet, which I did. The cures are SO MUCH much less high-priced, and in my case, purchased plenty of time for either one of my ill animals and allowed them to are living anguish-loose, joyful lives. They additionally do not advocate photographs each yr. I was once dwelling in New York and needed to take my cats to the Animal Medical Center for emergency remedy and boy, do they get you coming and going. They informed a pal of mine her puppy wanted a $1200 operation on her leg. My homeopath gave her a alleviation as a substitute and the puppy began taking the steps 2 at a time and certainly not did want the surgical procedure. My possess instances have been the identical. You too can purchase books through Dr. Pitcairn in an effort to have a few cures in them and signs.

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