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choosing a dental insurance plan?

I need to get my Wisdom tooth extracted which would cost about 300$ without insurance in Florida(where I reside). I have basic dental insurance, but that would cover only 30 out of the 300

I am thinking of getting Prepaid Dental Plan C550 in Florida by Humana


which is about11$/month and a one time fee of 35$. They have no deductibles or waiting period, but require a lock in period of 1 year. But, the total expense still would be around 160$ for the year which is lot less than 270$(which I have to pay with my current insurance) and I get cleanings free(twice a year) with this plan.

Some details about them are at


1. Is the Prepaid Dental Plan C550 in Florida by Humana a proper choice or are there better options?

2. Would there be any caveats with this that I need to be aware of?

3. Any other factors I need to be aware of?

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    I think you maybe left off a zero. I've never seen a wisdom tooth extraction priced at $300. I paid to have my son's out (yes, we have insurance, more on that later), and the total cost for all four teeth was about $3700 (complex extraction).

    Your link didn't work, but when I took a look, at the very bottom there's a detailed coverage description. Oral surgeons take out wisdom teeth. Oral surgeons aren't covered, under your plan, except to give you a 25% discount off the "list" price for an in network oral surgeon. The fee schedule you're looking at, is only if your HMO dentist will do the extraction - and good luck on that.

    You're NOT going to see that wisdom tooth out for $300. Additionally, even if you could find an in network dentist to do it, you'll notice that the anesthesia is seperate - and your payment for that, is $45 per 15 minutes.

    Lastly, the biggest caveat, is finding a dentist willing to take that insurance - so you probably want to do the "locate a dentist near you", take their number and call them, and ask THEM what they're going to charge. Ask them if they'll take out your wisdom tooth under the HMO plan. Then ask what the time frame is for an appointment. I had an HMO dental plan for one year, and it was a nightmare. When the contract said they had to see me within 60 days, my appointment would invariably be . . . 59 days out. For the consult. And another 59 for the procedure. IF they didn't cancel at the last minute.

    I've never really seen a private dental insurance policy that pays out more than it costs.

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    First of all. Don't buy the plan through ehealth. Find a broker that can actually help you sort through your options and sell you the plan. Even if you end up picking the same plan you're better off with a professional helping you then a web site that just provides quotes. It's the difference between giving you a calculator and a calculator with a CPA to help you use the calculator. But, with insurance getting professional help is free. Humana, in this case, would pay the professional.

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