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what do you think the confederate flag means?

please add your age, gender, race and where you live.

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    I am white, male, old, and live in Virginia.

    The Confederate Battle flag and the Stars and Bars (proper/official flag of the CSA) are often get confused and treated as one. Well, the flag means a lot of heritage. It is an honor to have such history. It is very looked down upon though, because some skin-heads started using it to their own benefit.

    It is hard to describe the flag, due to all the flack it gets, but it is a greater feeling. Unless you have ancestors that were Confederate veterans, you would not understand. It is a great honor.

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    Presumably you mean the battle flag of the Confederacy? Aka Stars and Bars.

    Well, it represents the 13 states of the Confederacy. It is also used today to identify white Southern heritage. Sadly, a few nitwits have attempted to use the flag as a racist banner, but most educated white Southerners simply recognize the flag as a symbol of their region's old identity. Southerners are proud of their oft maligned part of the country, and the S&B is a symbol for the region. For better or worse.

    Oh, I grew up in Ga. I'm in 40's, and male. And white. Duh.

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