"Ils nous ont" Can someone explain this? (French)?

When someone says: "Ils nous ont servi du poulet," It means, "They served us chicken"

Now, I'm not quite understanding the format of the sentence. Since when do "Ils" and "Nous" come together in a sentence? What category does this fit into ? (ie: Subjunctive, Pass Compose, Passe Simple etc.. )

Why not just say: Ils (conjugated "Servir")

I'm sure my tecahers went over it a few years ago in class, but I'm just not remembering why "Nous" and "Ils" are coming together, and why "Servir," is conjugated to "Servi" in this particular statement.



Thanks for your great answer! It was very hard to comprehend! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    You have produced a fine example showing how different languages work.

    While you and any other Englush speaking person think:

    subject-predicate-object They served chicken the French think in another way:

    Their think: They- us - have served- of (all the available) chicken .

    Both they and you had your chicken as a result of the same procedure but

    the way they say it is somewhat more sophisticated:

    To express the result of an action (you aren't hungry any longer): (avoir=have) +servi,

    you could do it as well, they have served . They say so: Ils.......ont servi .

    But the person who is the hungry object is number one in restaurant

    and if you speak of a group it us "nous" ="us" and it is being put right between

    the subject "Ils"= They and the action "(Ils) NOUS (we are the people having

    been served) ...ont servi ...Now what=what is it we get? all the chicken France has to

    provide? No,It is more logical to indicate that one is only served (or:one only has)


    (You never have ALL of France's cheese,but alway only "du fromage

    ((du=de+le=du)) de+la= de la) or just <de>

    They -us-have served- ( of (the available) chicken.) Two other situations:

    He-me-has given-(of (the available) cheese.

    Il me a donné du fromage.

    To learn this irregularity I have my students learn this strangely sounding and

    therefore not easily being forgotten )=>irregular way in MY OWN language.

    As to grammar:The grammatical tense is formally adequate with your own:

    present perfect. But the French use it to describe all the actions that have already

    happened, with verbs describing actions. With situations such as "The sun was

    shining" the use another form, the imparfait [[rough,rough rule: no last letter spoken]]

    that is no /t/ in <Le soleil brillait> (The sun was shining)

    Foeign languges "work" in the heads of their native speakers not in the same way as

    our language. We have to understand this (Germans would speak-because they think so:

    "We have this to understand" and Russians: <Us necessary understand this.>

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