How many names can you think of that start with the letter P?

They have to be legit names that aren't too out there and they can't be different spelling of the same name. I'll pick the one with the most answers.

For example if we were doing Z: Zachary is fine but I wont count Zackary too. And something like Zaxany is way too out there.

Boys and girls names are fine.

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    Name Meaning Sex

    Pablo Borrowed Boy

    Paco From the name Francisco Boy

    Paige Assistant Girl

    Paisley Fashion tear drop print Both

    Palani Free man Both

    Palesa Flower Girl

    Palila Bird Girl

    Pallaton Fighter Boy

    Palmer Palm bearer and peacemaker Both

    Paloma A dove Girl

    Pam Honey Girl

    Pamela Honey Girl

    Pamelia Covered with honey Girl

    Pancho Tuft and plume Boy

    Paolo Small Boy

    Paris City in France Both

    Parker Park keeper Both

    Parlan From the name Bartholomew Both

    Parley To speak Both

    Parry Son of Harry Both

    Parson Minister and clergy Both

    Pascal Easter child lamb Boy

    Pascale Passover and Easter Girl

    Pascha To pass over and born on Easter Both

    Pasha To pass over and born on Easter Both

    Pat Of noble descent Both

    Patch Form of Peter Boy

    Patience From the virtue Girl

    Patrice Of noble descent Girl

    Patricia Of noble descent Girl

    Patrick Nobleman Boy

    Patsy From the name Patricia Girl

    Patty From the name Patricia Girl

    Paul Small Boy

    Paula Small Girl

    Paulette Small Girl

    Pauline From the name Paul Girl

    Paulo Place of rest Boy

    Paxton Town of peace Both

    Paytah Village of the warrior Both

    Peyton Girl

    Pearl A gem of the sea Girl

    Pearlie Jewel Girl

    Pebbles Small rocks Girl

    Pedro A rock Boy

    Peggy From the name Margaret Girl

    Pelham Town of fur skin Both

    Pello Stone Boy

    Penda Loved Girl

    Penelope Dream weaver Girl

    Penney Silent worker Girl

    Pennie Silent worker Girl

    Penny Silent worker Girl

    Pepper From the pepper plant Girl

    Percy Piercing the valley Boy

    Perdy From Perdita Girl

    Peri Lives in the mountains Girl

    Perrin Traveler Both

    Perry Rock Boy

    Pete Rock Boy

    Peter A rock Boy

    Petula Impatient Girl

    Petunia Of the petunia flower Girl

    Peyton Village of the warrior Both

    Phaedra Glowing Girl

    Phailin Sapphire Girl

    Phenyo Victory Girl

    Phil Lover of horses Boy

    Philana Lover of mankind Girl

    Philena Lover of mankind Girl

    Philip Lover of horses Boy

    Phillip Lover of horses Boy

    Phylicia Fortunate Girl

    Phyliss Green leaf Girl

    Phyllis Green leaf Girl

    Pierce Form of Peter Both

    Pierre A rock Boy

    Piper Flute player Both

    Pirro Red haired Both

    Polly Bitter Girl

    Polo Alligator Boy

    Pomona Apple Girl

    Porter Door guard Both

    Portia Roman clan name Girl

    Premala Loving Girl

    Prentice Beginner and Learning Both

    Presley Priest's land Both

    Presta Hurry and quick Girl

    Preston Priest's land Both

    Price Very dear Both

    Prisca Ancient and old Girl

    Priscilla Ancient Girl

    Prudence Cautious and intelligent Girl

    Prunella Little plum Girl

    Pryce Very dear Both

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    Patrick. Ranked at #110 in 2006, this Irish favorite was the highest ranked baby boy P name. It's been declining in popularity since the 1990s. Patrick comes from a Latin name that means "aristocrat."

    Paul. Like Patrick, this New Testament name is popular but falling down the rankings-- down to #134 in 2006. Paul comes from a Latin name that means "small." The Spanish version, Pablo, is slowly becoming more common in the United States.

    Preston. If you like masculine sounding last-name-turned-first-names, here's one that hasn't become as trendy as names like Mason and Hunter. It ranked at #114 in 2006. Preston comes from an Old English name that means "priest settlement." It is occasionally used as a girl's name as well.

    Parker. Here's another last-name-turned-first-name that's slowly becoming more common. Parker ranked at #116 in 2006. Parker comes from an English expression that means "park keeper."

    Peyton & Payton. This funky English place name looks like a name trend waiting to happen. Peyton ranked at #154 in 2006, and Payton ranked at #267. The name is about equally common for girls.

    Peter. Down to #167 in 2006, Peter is definitely beginning to fall from favor. Peter comes from a Greek name that means "rock." The Spanish version, Pedro, also is less popular than it used to be.

    Unusual Baby Boy Names that Start With P

    Philip/Phillip. Moderately popular before and during the Baby Boom, Philip is a classic name that isn't used much anymore. The name comes from a Greek name that means "horse lover."

    Phoenix. Western place names are hot, so it's surprising this one isn't more widely used. Perhaps it will rise out of the ashes, like the mythical bird called the phoenix. Phoenix is sometimes used for a girl's name as well.

    Porter, Pierce, Perry, & Paxton. Here's a small collection of last-name-turned-first-names that aren't very common, so snatch these up if you like the craze but don't want a popular name. Porter is from an Old English expression that means "gatekeeper." Pierce is from an English name that means "rock." Perry comes from an English name that means "wanderer." Paxton is an Old English place name.

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