What is life as an Escort like.?

I'm 17 years old, and I am seriously considering becoming an escort. Now before I hear " oh you don't want to do that, its dangerous, there are risks" I am in fact aware of the risks. There are certain thing I want to have in life and something about working 8 hours a day dealing with rude customers or a insensitive pompous for a boss for 80 dollars.. we'll that to me is by far more degrading then doing something that everyone in the world enjoys ... getting pleasure and getting paid for it. I simply want to know FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS LIVED THIS LIFE STYLE.. What it was like, How they felt, What they sacrificed The pros and cons so to speak. AGAIN i don't care about the opinions of those who have no idea what they are talking about.


Keep in mind, I fully intend on having a side job for obvious reasons and I plan on getting an education and in the future pursuing a career in law ( slightly hypocritical i am aware).

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  • 10 years ago
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    The problem with trying to talk to those who have done it is that there are so many who can't speak for themselves anymore, like those girls who were murdered by the craigslist killer, those others who were beaten robbed and left for dead in the gutter and those who developed drug problems.

    Sone make a lot of money, but when they get old, what do they have? Nothing. No education, no work experience, no social security. Age has robbed them of their looks and now no one wants a dirty old woman.

    When you do escorting, you sacrifice your pride, selfworth and any chance of getting a boyfriend who won't try to pimp u out or treat you like just another prostitute. What are u going to tell your boyfriends parents when theyvask what do u do? What will you tell your children?

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