Is National American Miss a scam?

I got a letter in the mail inviting me to go. It looks like a lot of fun but i know that if you have to pay then its not real. I have really wanted to be a model and in the invitation it says that its for someone who is interested in being a model. So should I go to the open call? Or is it just a scam?

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    National American Miss is a wonderful event. My daughter has been in it a couple of times and LOVES it. I do have to agree, the first person who posted an answer gave some answers that are really just stereotypes about pageants in general. It is clear that she has not been to NAM. That's ok. There are actually pageants like what she is talking about, for sure. But this one is not like that at all.

    With that out of the way, the simplest thing to say is that NAM is not a typical beauty pageant, in fact, it is not a beauty-based pageant at all. It is a new concept.

    Oh, and yes, of course, there are fees to be in it. Any real pageant, sport, dance class, or other event does indeed have fees. You should be wary of any actual event that claims it is "free."

    My daughter talked me into going to the Open Call a few years ago. Glad she did. This all turned out to be a wonderful thing for her, and I am thankful for it as a parent. The open call is just an information session where the organization tells you what NAM is about, and if you want you can apply at that time. We were there about an hour.

    A great thing to do is to go online to youtube, search for "National American Miss" and see the videos that real world participants have uploaded to share their own personal journey at NAM.

    I have pasted links to some of those, as well as other information sources, for you below. There is a large community of people out there who have participated in NAM and you can see what the actual conversations are about by looking at the Facebook and blog communiites. I put those links below.

    Here's another great way to do your homework on this. The Better Business Bureau (which I checked when my daughter wanted to be in NAM and I saw that the BBB gives National American Miss an "A" rating) suggests when you are checking out a pageant, you should call the facility where the event is being held and ask if it is actually contracted there. So, one of the links below is to a page that has all of the National American Miss events listed by state, including the actual address of the facility where the event is being held. Look at your state's event and call the facility.

    Best wishes in your journey!

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    First off, I think it's great that you yourself are asking! Most young people don't research stuff so CHEERS! Like the others have said, all pageants have some kind of entry/sponsor/participation fee. And NAM is fairly priced for what it is. My cousin competed and she had a blast, and the show was done extremely well... they really seemed to make it an experience for the girls... I think she attended one of the open call things you are talking about (as long as they don't ask for money there? Then you at least get to check it out for free :) )... She wants to be an actress and I think it was good for her to get up on stage in front of everybody. NAM really promotes girls self-confidence which is super important if you want to be a model. Anyways I know my cousin is competing again this year so she must have had some kind if fun :). Let us know how it goes! and just HAVE FUN!

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    National American Miss is not a scam. There are many different types of pageants. This is not a GLITZ pageant. Children 12 and under are not even allowed to wear makeup! This is a pageant that truly is about who you are and helps develop you into the best you that you can be :) While this is not a "modeling" pageant there are "optional" events that you can enter where you can showcase your talents. (There are three judged events for the titles. Just go to the page under FAQ's it is all there for you.) My daughter wanted to get into modeling and to be honest I got a postcard in the mail and thought I would have her do this as an easy way "out" as I had no idea how to get her into modeling. I thought if it's meant to be it will be. There is every shape, size, nationality etc. and that is what is so awesome about this pageant. What impressed me the most was how nice everyone was and that the majority of the girls are very nice and encouraging to one another. Anywhere you go you will have some sour grapes in the bunch but for such a large pageant with so many girls this is amazing and says a lot for the organization. They won't put up with nonsense. Ask, Ask, Ask questions, facebook girls who have won or who have entered year after year. Each age group usually has 100 contestants and many groups get split into two because that is how popular this pageant is (I am in PA so I am speaking for them). Our first year was amazing. While my daughter didn't place in the top 10 she did win many of the optionals that had to do with modeling and she also won a scholarship to John Robert Powers. This did start her on her modeling career. The following year she not only won a lot of the optionals again, she did win the Title of Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Teen. This was with no prior experience of any kind but we asked lots of questions of many people so that we knew what we were doing and did not feel lost. I think this is very important. That is another great thing about the girls from NAM they are willing to answer questions and help out. GO TO THE OPEN CALL WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE!!!! My daughter then did another "fun" pageant called Starz run by Stacie Fitzgerald and Lauren Handler and that is where she then got with her New York Agent and Philadelphia Agent. Go fot it, it's fun and will get you out of your comfort zone. Go into it doing your best. If you don't win the title it really doesn't will have had a great time, walk away with many great new friends and will have gained confidence you never knew you had. Pageants are not cheap and you definitely want to have the right wardrobe, do not compromise just to save money it will hurt you, however, there are ways to get that wardrobe by checking on ebay, pageant resale and sites that may have "one" left of the size you need.

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    Yes it is a scam! It's all about the money. They have a sales pitch that they are different and build self confidence in children which I do admit sucked me in. However when we got there I decided that paying 480 for the event, 175 for flowers, tickets, shirt etc & 300 for the hotel was enough & did not pay for the three extra side events (optional) lol. So there my daughter stood at there grand finale on stage while 15-20 trophies were given out for these optional events in a group of 40 girls. How many for the main event 5! Clearly punishing the parents who did not pay more & manipulating the girls into the glam world. Who were the winners here in WA you ask? Girls you could not understand when they talked, girls that didn't stand out for anything in particular except that they paid for every event and full size ads. Money buys your way in at NAM it was very clear. Why else would they give so many trophies for the extra money events?! Don't be fooled by there company they are not fair.

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    I love National American Miss. I have seen lots of great things with this pageant system. Girls love it, parents love it and it is definitely not a scam- Call your state office and get more info- or go to their website. You can even look up some youtube videos with Megan Alexander (from indside edition) and get real testimonials from girls that have been in the pageant before!

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    I understand what you are asking, as I have always heard that if you have to PAY to get involved in the modeling industry that it is a scam. Modeling agency's will tell you that there are no fees and that they will pay YOU, you do not have to pay them. But believe me, there are expenses involved in becoming a model. You have to have a professional portfolio (which the modeling agencies will provide for you for a couple of thousand dollars). Also, many of the jobs they may get for you are for no payment to you, (especially at first). I have been in the NAM program and it is a wonderful place to begin getting some modeling experience. I LOVE their program and am going to be in it again this summer, I learn more each year that I compete. They have a modeling competition and even a Top Model competition that allows you to keep the CD of all of the pictures they take. These photos are great for adding to your portfolio and the experience also looks good on your resume! Whatever field you choose to go into requires experience, you can not just wake up one day and say "I want to be an actress" or "I want to be a model" and expect it to happen. You have to be involved in activities or programs like NAM that will help you get the training and experince that you need. A lot of girls have started out in NAM and are now involved in acting and modeling. They do not promise to make you famous, but explan that the amount of effort you put into accomplishing your goals is entirely up to you. I like that they are so helpful and honest. You should go to the Open Call and find out more about it for yourself. It is FREE to attend the Open Call. They do not try to hard sell you or force you into feeling like you shouild do it. I am happy that I went, I have made a lot of friends the past 3 years and I have improved my self-confidence, which is the key to becoming anything you want to be! Good Luck!!

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    National American Miss is anything but a scam. Like you, I also received a letter in the mail when I was 14 and decided to try it out. Not knowing anything about pageants, I competed in the state competition that year, and have been competing every year since. National American Miss has helped mold me into the young woman I am today. At my first pageant, I was terribly frightened to speak on stage or in front of anyone for that point, and now I am the spokesperson for several huge organizations. National American Miss is just not a pageant, but it teaches you life skills. National American Miss has been a completely learning experience and has helped me grow. I would definitely not be the person I am today if it was not for NAM. I have met some of my closest friends through NAM. My fellow teen queens and I keep in touch daily through a facebook page one of the girls created and we help each other out with what we are doing in our community and just wish each other luck in all of our endeavors whether it be a school project, to another pageant. I love all of the girls from NAM that I have competed at state and nationals with and I know we will all be friends for a very long time. The pageant is a couple hundred dollars to compete, but you can do advertising and pay that way. I know many girls who have gone to state and even nationals without paying anything themselves because they did the advertising options. I am a huge advocate for NAM and am so proud to be the reigning Miss California Teen. I am a total and complete NAM girl, and proud of it. I love all my NAM sisters and the staff. These are people that will be part of your life forever. Additionally, you do not need an expensive dress to win. My dress was definitely not even close to five hundred dollars and I won the pageant. Most girls do not have a pageant coach either. The magazines NAM sends you periodically and the actual pageant weekend will prepare you for the pageant. Finally, National American Miss is a great pageant to start at and learn from to see if you would like to continue on competing in other pageants. I would have never thought I would be so interested in pageants and now I am in love with them. Many of the girls that compete in Miss USA and Miss America are NAM girls. Please go to the open call! It will be a great experience.

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    NAM is not a scam. The pageant is a well-run machine and I was amazed at their ability to make girls feel special even when there are 150 in a division. Do the contestants have a fun weekend? I think they do! Ultimately, it should be about the experience not where they place.

    Their marketing tactics are top notch. However, this is where I have a problem. They receive your name, or child's name, from recommendations that previous contestants submit. They "invite" you to their open call and make it seem like you are chosen to be a state finalist! Everyone is chosen and can compete as long as they pay the pageant fee which leads to states like Ohio where they have two groups of 150 competing in just one age division. Parents/children feel that their "selected" child will have a great chance of winning. However, out of the 100 in my daughter's division last year, I would say only 15-20 truly knew about what this pageant entails and had previous pageant experience. You see it every year, girls that come out in Sunday dresses and have no idea how to do formal wear or give an onstage introduction.

    My daughter competed at a NAM state pageant (we just paid the registration fee open call necessary) and won 1st runner up in her division plus two of the three top optionals. The problem is that she had already been (and won) several pageants similar to NAM and even had attended a National pageant. We knew what to expect. The girls in Sunday dresses rarely win, let alone place in the top 15. That's not to say that someone from an open call can't win but it helps if they have someone who knows NAM and what NAM expects to guide them leading up to the pageant. Frankly, that is true for any pageant.

    So, it is a scam? Absolutely not! Does every girl off the street have a fair chance? I'd say in most cases, no.

    Will they have fun? Absolutely!

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    National American Miss is certainly not a scam. Scams are never as open and honest as National American Miss. You can check out their website, they have numerous pages on Facebook, there are several blogs out there and they are all over YouTube. The Open Call is totally free and they do them so that girls and parents can learn about their program before they commit to it. ALL youth activities cost money. Youth sports, dance, music, gymnastics all have entry fees and lesson fees and require certain clothing/equipment. At least with National American Miss you can use clothes you already own. If you are interested, take your parents and go see for yourselves. The open call is FREE - that's what it is for.

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    Noooo! Its totally not a scam and that's not true about if you have to pay its a scam....most pageants have entry fees. At the open calls you get raffle tickets for a modeling scholarship to john robert powers! National american miss is the best thing you will ever do its nothing like you see on tv for toddlers and tiaras or little miss perfect so if your looking for glitz look else where national american miss is a natural pageant. Girls in the pre teen division and younger can't wear any make up at all if you need more information from a contestants view point feel free to message me :)

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