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How are electric vehicles immeasurably different.?

Reviewers sometimes make a point that an electric vehicle drives "just like" an ICE vehicle. We compare fuel economy and price tags for various items that we can measure, but what are the unknown (but perhaps eventually knowable) qualities of an electric vehicle that make it different or that we can't presently measure. What might be the value in such qualities. For example:

An EV is said to "last longer" but we don't really know how much. If it is significantly more then the cars would be more valuable.

Or we say that they are quieter or smoother but how are these things valuable or significant. Anything else?

I am looking for a long list with incite or something unique.


Not all considerations might be positive but I am looking for some consideration and not the typical list of pros's and cons but something with more emphasis on the intangible or less-tangible.

Update 2:

err that is "insight" not "incite."

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    I purchased a solar system many years ago and with it I could charge an electric vehicle for FREE and be able to drive anywhere from 50-200 miles on a charge. As long as I return home I can recharge it as many times is necessary in one day. PLUS, a friend of mine just broke ground on a magnetic charger that will provide power constantly to charge the batteries. When the car sits the magnetic chargers will take over and totally charge up the batteries in about 8 hours.

    Think of a vehicle in which you could drive from Los Angeles to New York without paying for fuel. The Aptera is such a vehicle, that once mated with the magnetic charging boxes could make it to New York without a recharge along the way since it would all be self-contained.

    GM is now warrantying their EV batteries for 10 years and improvements will appear yearly or more. No pollution ... costs pennies to drive ... start traveling all over the country again ... boost tourism in cities you visit. Good stuff!

    I AM


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  • 9 years ago

    1) The acceleration curves are different.

    A gas car bumps up in steps, each step having a sort of S shaped curve of it's own due to power band and transmission action.

    The EV curve is smooth, steep at the start and tapering off as speed increases.

    2) When owning an EV, you never interrupt your driving to refuel, but you plug in every single time you can find a place to do it (once everyone gets on board with the charging ports that will be easy). Or maybe inductance charging will be common, I don't know. Range will also be an issue until more energy can be stored in the car.

    If inductance charging did catch on, it could eventually spread out over the roadways, giving the car essentially unlimited range.

    3) Until more energy can be stored in the car, top speed will be less. it doesn't make sense to go faster then 80 mph in an electric car.

    4) the maintenance schedule will be different. Where the gas car has many little things, that end up costing $1000 to $3000 per year, the electric car has fewer maintenance stops, especially if it uses hub motors, but a couple of hard hitters, like batteries.

    It might make sense to make payments separately on the battery.

    5) As a result of this, the electric car should hold it's value better then a gas car. Good if you buy new, bad if you buy used.

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  • 3 years ago

    you have been watching too many YouTube video clips. there's a whiff of Discovery Channel in there, too. That 'pennies on the mile' could--and could--advance extensively while non-gas autos are pressured to pay their share of street taxes. in spite of the fact that it is not appropriate lots, because of the fact there are not any electric powered autos in production ideal now. that is merely web content consisting fullyyt of provides. i could be maximum at risk of have confidence GM's estimate on the Chevy Volt: this is going to be out in 2010--maybe. for sure you need to purchase autos that have been converted to electric powered means: there have continuously been some floating around eBay. they're notoriously puzzling to handle.

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  • 9 years ago

    because of running due to electricity

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