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How do I start writing a novel?

I what to write a novel but I don't know were to start. What are the steps of writing a novel because I what to start writing soon.

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    You need a title.

    You need an idea. A subject.

    You could write an outline of your book. This will give you a guide.

    If you have one or more particular scenes in mind, you could jot them down.

    Look up meanings of names. This will help you chose the names for your characters.

    Jot down a description of each of your characters. Give a physical description as well as a personality traits.

    This is of utmost importance: Proofread!!! This can make you or break you if you don't do this.

    Double check your facts. Make sure they are consistent throughout your story.

    Your main characters need to have depth. Make them interesting so your readers can identify with them.

    Decide what voice you want to use. Is this a narrative? (a person is telling the story)

    Is is first person? (I am telling my story)

    Is it third person? (This would be a he did this or she did that)

    An example of a narative would be "The Great Gatsby". The story is told from Nick's point of view.

    He is the observer.

    You need to think of a story as you would classical music. It has crescendos and decrescendos.

    In other words, highs and lows.

    You need to chose a genre: mystery, romance, comedy, tragedy, etc.

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    Everyone has their own methods. You hopefully have at least a loose idea of what you want to write about, but i would say that there is no particular method. When I write, I don't like too many preconceived notions as at times, the work takes on a life of its own.

    If you have no experience with this, let me tell you that it is not easy to get published these days though self publishing is much more easily done than ever before -

    enjoy the process of writing w/o hopes of fame and fortune and it will be fun - if nothing else, a creative outlet.

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    These are what I start with when writing ANYTHING!

    •The main idea

    •The characters

    •Supplies (pencil, eraser, computer, brain)

    •The plot--It's important to make it mysterious

    •The plan--Like about how many chapters, if there's going to be the prologue and epilogue.

    •(optional) The prologue and epilogue--It's good to make the prologue mysterious and the epilogue having led to a different story

    •The chapter names--Make it vague and general

    •(optional) A little blurb about you--It doesn't have to have a picture of you though

    •And most importantly...the genre--It's important to know what genre your novel is going to be about so you can stick towards one thing because usually multiple genre stories get a little confusing or boring. The genres that children have a liking towards the most are: Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Mystery, basically fiction.

    Notes: Make your story suspenseful and make people want to keep reading it.

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    1. you need an idea for a character. write down any notes you can think of about the protagonist

    2. then pick your plot, that way you can dump your already moulded character into the story, knowing how they'll react.

    also, try writing short stories 1st to pick up practice. it is not going to be a good novel unless you have techniques etc. mastered

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    When writing a novel, you should think first of a good topic not the TITLE..the title is best made when the whole story is done. then thonk of a good plot or summary. from there you can expand your imaginations in creating twists of stories that is interesting then from there you can expand the story until you realized you just made a novel...

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    i don't think there are steps set in stone for writing. but some tips i can give you are:

    -Having an idea to work with.

    -Make time to write.

    -Rewrite. first drafts always need revisions.

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    By recognsing that you've got a long hard slog aherad of you; by being prepared for month (possibly years) of sweat, toil, sleepless nights, anxiety attacks and actual physical pain.

    And then just sitting down and damn well getting on with it.

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    Depends what type you want to write.

    And you can't just magically 'write,' you need your ideas and storyline and everything.

    Just do what you think is right, it's what I done. It completely worked for me.

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    introducing the existing figure in the story...

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