Is indian married woman participate in sex with her husband as free as we see in blue films? ?

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I think indian womans have cultural bonds. But i want to know how they enjoyed? Answer me from any married indian.
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nothing in life is EVER as seen in "blue" films ; they are all pure fantasy.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    Stop fantasizing over stupid porn films. Learn instead how to be a caring and good lover and any woman will enjoy indian or otherwise.
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  • YouHurtMyFeelings EnjoyNothing answered 3 years ago
    i dont know what religion u are but in most religions anal is a big no no . but anything else goes really what is between a man and a woman stays with them ......... But i don't think it is acceptable in most religions to even watch this typeof thing :/
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  • Avatar answered 3 years ago
    The movies which you talking about also shows animals how many in real life you have found people with animals. Grow up.
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