Kelly Pavlik vs. Winky Wright at 160 who wins this fight? Plus Andre Berto vs. Timothy Bradley at 147 who wins?

B:] Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik vs. Ronald Lamont "Winky" Wright at Middleweight

who wins this fight I heard a rumor about this potential boxing showdown fight.

BQ:] Andre Berto vs. Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley at Welterweight who wins

this fight? If they fought today at 147 for Bradley's WBC Welterweight Title?

I hope to get more than 2 answers and the best users participate in answering.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm not ever sure were to begin to analyze this considering both men have been away from Boxing for so long and with that being said the only thing to draw from might be fights that happened years prior. Winky Wright's last effort was a blow out loss to Paul Williams and Pavlik's was a blow out loss to Sergio Martinez.

    If the two of them were to meet I'd have to favor the fighter with more skill, Winky Wright, although he's been inactive for a long time he's arguably a more skilled than Palvik. Conditioning fades over time but skills never fade and I think Wright would be able to find a way out-box him.

    BQ Andre Berto vs Timothy Bradley @ Welterweight

    After Saturday I have to be completely honest with myself because I'm not as high on Timothy Bradley as I was before. Granted he won a very tough fight I seen him struggle with Devon Alexander's speed and in certain spots he'd even pause and wait on Devon, if you wait on speed you'll lose every time, and one to many times i seen Bradley doing it.

    I think Andre Berto's speed and Power versus Bradley's lack there of would give the Dessert Storm a lot of trouble. Bradley could make for a competitive fight with Berto, but eventually Berto's explosiveness would be what puts him over the top.

  • 9 years ago

    This isn't hard to call. Pavlik has never handled mobile boxers well. That's one of many reasons he shamelessly avoided Paul Williams. He was foolish enough to consider Sergio Martinez the "safer" opponent. That's like running from a man with a stick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, into a sawmill.

    Winky Wright is too crafty for Pavlik. He lacks the power to finish him but wins nearly every round in the process. If you're talking TODAY, both are inactive but Wright has far more RUST. If you're talking both in their respective primes...........................

    Wright W12 UD

    Berto would be just a bit too strong for Bradley. Neither man has a lot of power so it would become a test of strength and will. Bradley has the will but he would lack the strength down the stretch.

    Berto in a very close one. Bradley's best chance would be to outbox him early and gain a points lead. If he can do that, he wins the close one.

    I lean towards Berto. The other factor is that he has more to lose.

    Berto W12 split.

  • It is my honest opinion that Wright embarrasses Pavlik.

    Wright took a serious hitter, Felix Trinidad, and completely shut him down using his gloves for defense and his jab, and moving all around the place. He would no doubt do the same to the bigger, slower Pavlik in their primes. It would be a good fight, boxer extraordinaire vs. puncher with little movement, I give Pavlik a puncher;s chance though.

    Berto is fast-handed and has power to go with that speed, but his chin is questionable (Luis Collazo, a man not known as a puncher nearly KO'd Berto in the first round) and would only have a puncher's chance against the tough, face-first Bradley, who is fearless and not afraid to get inside on anyone. Bradley is also a better defender than Berto, who is a sitting duck, easy to hit. A potential fight-of-the-year candidate, I have to say Bradley by decision (Bradley's power at 147 does not exist. Watch his fight with Argentina's Carlos Abregu. See how little Abregu was hurt throughout the fight) if it goes twelve, Berto by KO if he were to win it.

  • 9 years ago

    I think Pavlik should win a close decision against the almost 40 year old Wright at 160 lb. Both fighters did not look good at their last several fights,both of them were beaten by Hopking.

    Bradley moving to 147 is not smart thing to do. If he cannot hurt average fighters at 140, how can he do it at 147? I think Berto will win. Bradley have chance if he uses his head, which is very common.

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  • Bruce
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    9 years ago

    Pavlik over Winky, Winky's getting on.

    Betro over Bradley, Berto to overpower, Bradley to weak on offence.

  • teodor
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    9 years ago

    Great potential fights.

    Winky would not be fooled to trading with Kelly and would run a boxing clinic the way Sergio did.

    Bradley fighting style and stance are deceiving. He seems vulnerable to get tag with his come on approach but his speedy reflexes and side to side movements make it difficult for opponents like Devon Alexander to catch him squarely. I think Berto would have similar problem and his frustrations would result in his losing a close decision in an ugly-looking yet highly competitive fight.

  • Ritz
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    9 years ago

    Damn that would be tight, I say Winky Wright

    Also another cool fight could be Margarito vs Wright

    or even Martinez vs Wright

  • 9 years ago

    I don't even know why Bradley is in the mix. I wanna see him fight JMM and get wasted.

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