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Are Japanese food mostly plain/tasteless?

So I'm a Chinese overseas living in South East Asia, our food in here are mostly full of spice and often, if not all are spicy...

I'm planning to visit Japan for few weeks, and if it's as good as I expect, I'll try to be permanent resident there and spread my own business, the problem is I like to eat a lot and food is a big concern for me.....the Japanese food I've eaten in my country are usually more local's alike, meaning the spice and such are prepared in our daily's taste...

So I wonder is real Japanese food made by Japanese plain/tasteless as some of my friends and Internet said? Can I find Chinese or foreign food in Japan?

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    It's not. But it's less stronger than Chinese food's taste. But there are some Japanese dishes which have really strong flavors and aromas. And we have many side dishes, either salty, sour or sweet to accompany your meal's flavor. So I can't really say, it's plain and tasteless. Well my mother makes really spicy chicken pork curry.

    Yes there are many Chinese and other foreign food cuisine restaurants here in Japan. In Tokyo, there are alot in Shinagawa I think.

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    You can find all kinds of international foods in Japan. I have even seen a restaurant that serves Russian foods.

    What you think is spicy is not necessarily the same as the opinion of others.

    A lot of the Japanese foods are made with sticky rice.

    Don't expect anything, or you will find yourself extremely disappointed.

    Also, don't expect to be able to just move to Japan and become a permanent resident.

    In order to do so, you need a WorkVisa from the Japanese government. To get that, you need to

    have a job offer from a company in Japan that will sponsor you. You cannot search for such employer while having 'Temporary Visitor' status.

    Starting a business, and succeeding, in Japan is even more difficult. For example, Western Union is no longer present in Japan, Nova went out of business, etc.

    Source(s): Have been there 6 times. The Embassy of Japan.
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    Yes, traditional Japanese food IS plain compared to those of SE Asia. There's always been an emphasis on appreciating food for it's freshness, and therefore, they don't cover up the intrinsic flavor of their ingredients with spices. They call this "Sassari".

    Of course there are less traditional Japanese foods like ramen (which comes form China) that's loaded with spices and flavor. Ramen is cheap, but Chinese food is a delicacy in Japan by the way, it can get expensive. You might visit Yokohama if you're around Tokyo for a real nice night out on Chinatown.

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    Plain and tasteless is going way too far. But somewhat bland compared to other ethnic dishes might be a good assessment. Also, a lot of home cooked Japanese foods end up as 'stews' of one sort or another. And at least IMHO, are somewhat sweet. As are many other foods. How about some mildly sweet fried chicken? And then there are the foods that have been altered for the Japanese palette. Rather sweet curry. Or corn on pizza, along with some mayo.

    I highly prefer Chinese food over Japanese food. Much more flavor.

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    In comparison to Chinese food the flavours in Japanese food tend to be a lot more subtle. Something like sashimi doesn't exactly scream mouth bursting flavour but it's not supposed to.

    You will probably find a lot of foreign foods in Japan have been changed slightly to suit Japanese tastes. For instance many spicy foreign foods are made less spicy as Japanese people tend to prefer more mild foods.

    You will definitely be able to find Chinese restaurants though, quite a few will even have Chinese cooks. Just make sure to ask for things a little stronger/spicier if you find it is too bland.

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    Japanese food is definitely not plain/tasteless, although it may not taste as flavorful as Chinese food which uses a lot of spices and flavoring. There are many authentic Chinese restaurants in Japan, and ingredients for Chinese food are most likely sold in supermarkets.

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    You can find foreign foods they just cost more because they need to be imported. As far as spices go, I don't recall eating anything super spicy in Japan but I'm not 100% sure. I wouldn't call it plain, but I'm a Westerner so it's much different than what I normally eat. May be plain compared to the Chinese food you're used to.

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    Not at all. The flavours of Japanese food will be more subtle than Chinese food, but Japanese food is fresh and full of flavour. Japanese cuisine is renowned for its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

    Japan is one of the best places in the world for food and you will find pretty much any type of cuisine available. There are loads of Italian, Chinese, French, Indian restaurants in Japan with plenty of others as well. I even visited my first Brazilian restaurant the other day and it was fantastic.

    Japanese Food

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    Not at all. You'll be surprised by the variety of flavors Japanese dishes has. And they are also less oily than Chinese food which I like.

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    Japanese food is so. Fking. Good.

    No lie.

    Not plain at all.

    Of course, it all depends where you're from. I live in the US now, bah.

    Source(s): Visit often and lived there.
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