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What do u think about G. Dos Santos transfer 2 Racing ?

Here the sub-17Convocatoria de Jugadores

Nombre Equipo Posición Fecha de Nac

1 Abella Fanjul José Javier Santos Medio 10-feb-94

2 Briseño Vázquez Antonio Atlas Defensa 02-feb-94

3 Bueno Ontiveros Marco Antonio Pachuca Delantero 31-mar-94

4 Caballero Torres Jorge Luis Monterrey Defensa 25-ene-94

5 Casillas Chávez Giovanny Daniel Chivas Medio 04-ene-94

6 Celada Martínez Juan Jorge Atlas Delantero 25-jul-94

7 De Alba Flores José Manuel Jaguares Defensa 27-ago-94

8 Escamilla Moreno Kevin Rafael Pumas Medio 21-feb-94

9 Espericueta Escamilla Jorge Jonathan Tigres Medio 09-ago-94

10 Fierro Guerrero Carlos Eduardo Chivas Delantero 24-jul-94

11 Flores Bustos Enrique Isidoro Monterrey Medio 25-mar-94

12 Flores Ibarra Francisco Javier Cruz Azul Defensa 17-ene-94

13 Gómez Gónzalez Julio Enrique Pachuca Defensa 13-ago-94

14 González Galindo Jose Manuel Pachuca Portero 14-ene-95

15 Gracia Domínguez Marcelo Monterrey Delantero 02-abr-94

16 Guzmán Ceceña Luis Fabián Atlas Defensa 30-abr-94

17 Guzmán Fonseca Carlos Morelia Defensa 00/0/1994

18 Hernández Trejo Daniel Atlas Delantero 16-feb-94

19 Lomeli De Anda Héctor Armando Atlas Portero 7_Abr-94

20 Lujan Jonshon Marco Antonio Pachuca Portero 03-feb-94

21 Magos Torres Ricardo Aldair Monterrey Medio 19-abr-94

22 Oliden Rojas Gustavo Eduardo Toluca Volante 11-ene-94

23 Olvera Ochoa Bryan Israel Toluca Defensa 01-dic-94

24 Sánchez Alcaraz Richard F.C. Dallas Portero 05-abr-94

25 Sifuentes Muñoz Felipe de Jesús Monterrey Defensa 16-feb-94

26 Solorio Gutiérrez Luis Alfonso Chivas Defensa 01-ago-94

27 Tostado Gastelum José Pablo Chivas Defensa 28-jul-94

28 Zacarias Escamilla Carlos Jair Tigres Defensa 25-sep-94

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    I thought QPR was the perfect team for Giovanni. He would get alot of playing time. Even though its not a Premiership team. He would get alot of playing time and would be playing in the EPL in the following season.

  • 9 years ago

    It should be a great thing for him now he can play and get in a rythm why don't tottenham just sell him in an average price. the same for carlos vela needs to leave arsenal and get playing time.

  • 9 years ago

    I think is perfect cause any tram is better than tottenham for him they brought his level down but I think any other team can bring it up and I guess it's going to be racing

    About the convocatoria it's alright not to bad

  • 3 years ago

    that could desire to be a undesirable investment using actuality if he is going and has a solid season it could desire to be stressful for him to,, suited its stressful to describe yet whilst u . s . a . purchase him for thirteen mill then a team desires him they are going to offer like 7 mill using actuality he performs in mexico and u . s . a . will refuse then he wil be caught in mexico

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