help on note to write to the guy i like?

okay, i reaalllyyyyyyy like this guy and i want to ask him to my schools valentines day dance. (he goes to a different school) and were in 8th grade. i go to ccd with him which is on sundays. i want to ask him by folding up a permission slip to the dance, writing a cute note on it asking him to go, and giving it to him at ccd. so 3 questions for you:

1) do you like this idea? any modifications or changes or even another idea to ask him?


3) how should i give it to him? like after class? before when everyones sitting around talking? should i do or say anything when giving it to him?

thank you guys soo much, you have no clue how much i appreciate your help!

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  • 10 years ago
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    The note is ok but since you are both there I'd say just asking him is better. He'll be more surprised if he reads it in a note and thats not what you are going for here, though admittedly asking it outright can be harder. Try to find some excuse to get him away from everyone else, if just for a minute, and ask him. It could be before, after, even during ccd; but you don't need the whole group knowing about this. When you ask him just honestly say that you like him and think you'd both have alot of fun and could he go to the dance with you. If he says yes, or even maybe, give him the permission slip. Be sure to get him your full name and phone number too. Also, its not a big deal if he says no, he might just be surprised, or who knows what, but don't take it personally, its no big deal. Best luck.

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