How do you tell if your ac unit has a heat pump?

I dont know if my unit has heat elements or a heat pump

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    Flip your t-stat too heat if the unit out side comes on and you get heat it is a heat pump-Here's your sign. Sorry had too say that. I am a heating/cooling service tech in west virgina. I have lived in Nc and Fl I am over 50yrs old. You need to call in a service tech so they can explain the system too you. Now lets do a little home work. I have worked for many service company's and sales so you better pay attention. If they are advertising a inspection for 29.95------49.95 they will send out a service tech that has the main purpose of selling you something and could care less if u understood what he/she was telling u or not. Look at the manufacture name of you unit. Trane,Payne,Lennox what ever and go on line find a factory authorized company. At least this way u get some one who has too answer for any thing they say or do that is unethical. I too sell but I sleep very well at night and most of my customers can fix small problems them selves after I leave. My company charges an hourly rate that starts from the time I start to drive too you home until I am 1/2 way to the next call. etc. no Flat rate on parts etc. On many Thermostats there is a mode button or selector switch=cool-heat-em heat-off this type of t-stat is a heat pump// heat-cool-off is non heat pump could be electric or gas or oil need too know exactly. what is you Mechanical ability. go on line check factory reps. Luck too you and yes even with spell check I am not a writer my fingernails stay dirty. Peace!!

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    A heat pump is an a/c unit that can reverse itself. It just has a few more controls within the outside unit. probably the easiest way would be to get the model number and brand name from the outdoor unit name tag usually located near where the refrigerant lines connect or above that area. Then look up on the web or ask the question again here.

    Turning it on in the heat mode at the thermostat may not operate it it yours has an outdoor stat that may keep it off on colder temps outside in which it may turn on electric heat strips in the indoor unit or even turn on a gas furnace. The model would be the easiest and quickest.

  • 1 decade ago

    If the outside unit runs when you turn the heat on then it is used the heat pump. If it does not then it is using an element. The element uses a LOT of electricity, and heat pumps aren't great either. If you want economical heat, consider getting gas. I prefer propane for gas heat, but also have a wood stove.

  • Boe
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    1 decade ago

    Heat Pump do both heating and cooling. If you in an apt the you either have electric heat or gas.

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