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Eyes wide shut movie meaning?

Another great film by the legendary Kubrick. My take on the film was that humans perceive sex as a sacred religious thing, and that we give sex a greater value than what it truly deserves: in the end sex is sex. That's my take, what do you think?

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    I just watched this movie for the first time last night :) It was beautiful to watch--all of those pinks and blues and golds.

    And I agree with you. There is no love or eroticism, really, in the sex as it's portrayed in this film. It's just f*cking. The closest we come to a 'love making' scene is the romantic doctor Bill's imagining of his wife's almost-affair. Everything else is just cold, emotionless and debauched f*cking. I'd like to think that Bill tries to find some middle ground, between his elevated and grandiose ideas of love-making and the f*cking that he witnesses/that Alice sometimes sees it as.

    But I haven't really had time to process it, and form my own fleshed out opinions on the film.

    EDIT: Guy below me-- that's not right at all, no offense. The masked woman (Mandy) that 'redeemed' Cruise, was the ex-beauty queen at the Zigler party--the one that OD'd on a speedball. She was found dead the morning after the orgy of an 'accidental overdose'. The prostitute that Cruise visited (Domino) wasn't dead from AIDS. She probably didn't even have AIDS yet. She'd only found out that day--the day after the orgy--that she was HIV positive.

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    I completely agree. Honestly, from what I have read, it is open to interpretation, but based on the last line and various aspects of the film, I feel that is the meaning.

    It's a great movie! A lot of people "don't get it", but I really liked it. Then again, it's hard not to like anything done by Kubrick ;)

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    Don't try to sneak into a Sex Cult's meeting at a big mansion when you are not invited, because the leader of the cult will make you feel like a dips#%t moron (Tom Cruise). In the Sex Cult's meeting, most of the naked girls were prostitutes. The one that recognized Tom Cruise and tried to save him was the roomate of the prostitute he had previously gone to see. When he came back to see the postitute again later, the roomate had died of Aids (meaning anyone at the Sex Cult meeting that had sex with her got AIDS. Tom Cruise was running around looking for sex in all the wrong places, when he had his wife Nicole Kidman at home, were the best sex was all along.

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