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tezzeret agent of bolas with sword of feast and famine?????

me and my brother are curious to what happens to a sword of feast and famine that has bit hit by tezzeret -1 ability. he says that it becomes a 7/7 pro wutever and u get the abilty when it deals the damage. Does it not just stay 5/5 artifact?

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    It becomes a 5/5, because the sword's ability only affects the creature that the sword is equipped to.

    Also note that equipments that are also creatures can't be equipped to anything, so nothing will be able to get the sword's bonus once it's a 5/5.

    Source(s): Level 1 Judge
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    The Sword becomes a vanilla 5/5 creature with no abilities. Nothing happens when you attack beyond the normal damage being dealt.

    Source(s): MTG Judge and longtime player.
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