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What is North Dakota like?

I recently got a job in the Minot, North Dakota area. I have lived in Savannah, Georgia my whole life, but North Dakota is the only place I can find a steady well paying job.

I've never been to the north states. What is North Dakota like, what can I expect? Are the people friendly? How do they speak? I am told that the people in the northern part of North Dakota have thick accents? What about the weather, how cold does it get, I've heard lots about this, but only that it gets extremely cold, how cold does it really get? What is the terrain of the land like, is it a nice state with lots to do?

Tell me anything you know about this state please, one more, how is the crime in this state? Particularly the Minot area? I've done research into this, most sources say ND has a low crime rate, but on the news yesterday I saw that four people were found murdered just last week?

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    Here are some links, (yes a few Wikipedia but it's 99.9% accurate)

    North Dakota as a state:


    And these are all true:

    Some people have thick accents, some don't. Since you are from Georgia your accent will stick out like a sore thumb.

    It gets cold. And it is almost always windy. Today the windchill temperature went to -56. Without the wind, the temp was still -26. Snow comes around late September/ mid October, leaves in April. Buy warm winter clothes, you'll need lots of layers. (A tip, if you don't want to get a lot of crap from the people you going to work with, never complain about the temperature unless it is 10 degrees or colder. If it is 25 and you complain about it being cold, you'll never hear the end of it.)

    The summers are usually hot, hovering in the mid 80s and occasionally up to 95 in July. Over 100 is rare (unless you go to South Dakota) Going to the lake is popular during the summer.

    Depends where you are about the terrain. Most places are flat, but when you go southwest and hit the badlands, it's a different world.

    Most of the state:


    Crime is pretty low. The four murders in Minot on Friday are an extremely rare occurrence.

    Few more tips:

    Don't buy your winter gear in Georgia, you won't find anything warm enough. Buy it here, good brands are Thinsulate, Arctic Cat, and Columbia.

    Get snow tires.

    When your car starts to slide on ice, put the car in neutral and slowly pump the brakes. Putting it in neutral disconnects the drive-train, making stopping easier. Always steer in the direction of the slide

    You'll like it, it isn't as bad as everyone says it is, besides after -40 you can't tell the difference in temp anyway. You're blood will get thicker after time, 20 degrees won't be cold to you.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is North Dakota like?

    I recently got a job in the Minot, North Dakota area. I have lived in Savannah, Georgia my whole life, but North Dakota is the only place I can find a steady well paying job.

    I've never been to the north states. What is North Dakota like, what can I expect? Are the people friendly? How do...

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    North Dakota...

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    Its over 100 degrees in the summer, humid with mosquitos everywhere. It is always windy. In the winter, which spans Sept-Apr it is bitterly cold and windy. It will get down to -20 to -40 degrees ambient (I saw -75 with windchill), and it will stay that cold for weeks on end with some fluctuation. I have seen it snow there in July. It snows so much in the winter that the state will close major highways. There is so much snow sometimes, that the city had to truck it out of town. Front loaders would have to load a convoy of dump trucks all night to even put a dent in it. The worst part is, if there is a storm, they wont plow until the storm is over, and they KNOW it isn't going to snow again soon. Otherwise, they will literally just let it pile up until it stops.

    Bottom line, nice people, and nice weather in the summer, for about 3 months. Other than that.....unbearably cold, windy, and snowy the rest of the year.

    I was stationed there for 2 years.

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    Listen to Ashley.

    Four people in Minot last week, all related, but 11 in the entire state last YEAR, and most of those were related to domestic violence :(. So it's an aberration. I will say that crime is probably on the rise in the NW part of the state because of the influx of people from out of state -- plus folks that work in oil tend to be... outgoing? LOL.

    It is cold. But dress for it and don't ever take the weather for granted and you'll be fine. Pay attention to how your body reacts and listen to it. If you don't feel comfortable going out by yourself on the road, then DON'T. Take some time to get used to how to drive, what the different kinds of snow and wind do to the roads, and what your level of acceptance is. Remember, you probably don't think twice of driving in a tropical storm, where people up here would positively freak out over that.

    People are friendly, but at the same time a little wary of newcomers. Be yourself, be courteous, engage in conversation (especially about weather, lol), and you'll be accepted. You'll NEVER be passed by if you are broken down at the side of the road -- people up here help each other out.

    It's flat, but out west the badlands break it up in parts. Rolling hills around Minot along the Souris. There is lots to do here if you like the outdoors. Not so much if you don't. But that doesn't stop people from finding things to do!

    I love this state. Period. Welcome and good luck!

    Source(s): I lived in Florida for 35 years, been here for five. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
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    I have to say from the start I have never been to North Dakota. I have been on holiday to Savannah and found it to be one of the nicest places I have been to in America, with its Harbour front, squares, Architecture and those trees with some kind of plant hanging from them. As a native of Savannah I think you will find it a wrench to leave. I wish you well in your new job and home.

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    I don't live in ND but I visited for a week last summer and stayed with some longtime residents... I can give you what I saw. The biggest thing, the people are the best, most good hearted I've ever met (and I've traveled A LOT) Dakota means "friend" or "ally" in the Sioux language. 'Friend of the North' is actually one of the state's (many) nicknames.

    ND is free of many of the restrictions normally thrust upon residents of more populous states. For example, you don't have to get your vehicles inspected. Also, my husband and I shot off fireworks in a parking lot on July 4th and a cop drove past and didn't say a word. We ate dinner at a truck stop in Valley City one night and this old lady busted out a harmonica and started playing just for the fun of it... everyone watched as she played and cheered when she finished! I got talking with her group of people and informed them that we were PA natives on our honeymoon and we'd broken down... that's how we wound up in Valley City... a few minutes later a lady from that table came over and gave us money to help out with automotive repair expenses!

    Although it took the mechanics three days to fix my car, they charged us nothing because they goofed up the first repair and felt bad for us. I can say this about ND- I saw a level of friendliness there which I'd never experienced before in my life. It is a gorgeous state if you like grassy plains and hills but can live without trees.

    The people we stayed with really loved it there... they had a huge farm where they grew mostly corn... certain areas are wonderfully isolated... but, unfortunately, that means a fifteen-mile drive just to get to a grocery store... and groceries are pretty darned expensive if you live in a remote area. They laughed about the severe winters... "yeah, sometimes it gets down to 40-below up here"... I couldn't handle that, personally, but if you like cold winters and hot summers, ND's weather may be for you.

    ND seemed very redneck and very much a trip back in time... were it not for the weather and the abundance of mosquitoes

    Their highways are awesome... the speed limit is 75 but few people actually go that fast... and I never even saw a highway patrol car. It's a more relaxed life out in the Midwest, I think. The Midwest feeds the rest of the country... I don't let anyone knock 'em.

    Another thing, ND has one of the highest average IQ's in the country.. so its clear mostly smart people are moving there. And smart people create nice safe environments.

    Like I said, if you want to live in a gorgeous conservative state surrounded by friendly people and unfettered by lots of ridiculous laws, and you own a bugzapper and you like some really frigid winter days, ND may be the best place you could go in the entire USA... at least in the opinion of one who has only spent one week of his life there.

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    Only 4 heck thats one night in some cities.It is safe because its flippin cold cold cold.You only go out when necessary,its a far cry from Savannah for sure.But you gotta do what ya gotta do.Good luck

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    Minot ND in the winter is similar to Nome Alaska. They are about to be hit by a big blizzard right now.


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    Minot is a wonderful place to live with many opportunities for people of all ages. Please visit our website and request a relocation packet for attractions, dining, entertainment and things to do. We are happy to welcome you to the Magic City!

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