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TTC: AF due yesterday-BFN w/cramping.Is there a chance?

Hi Everyone!

DH and I just started TTC. =) Heres a little info on my cycle and experience:

CD1 was on Jan 3. Bd on the 12 & 13th. ( hopeful for a girl by the Shettles method) Ov on Jan 16th.

On 8-10 dpo I had pinching cramps-was extremely exhausted(slept for 11 hours-was exhausted 3 hours later) and sick feeling.

11-13 dpo- Nothing. BFN on Frer.

Yesterday and today I have Really bad cramps, peeing alot, starving- but sick right after I eat. Af was due yesterday- BFN on Frer yesterday as well.

More TMI info: My CP (cervical position) was high and soft from 1dpo to 12dpo. Dropped down very low and firm at 13dpo and stayed that way til yesterday. Now it is high and soft, Can hardly reach it! Which is not normal before AF.

My question is has anyone had AF type cramps like this and found out they were Pregnant? Is it normal? Im worried that if I am pg the cramps might be a negative sign and maybe thats why its not showing on the hpt?

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    I had similar symptoms, and had really strong cramps, and was really sure all the things I felt were

    "something" Was even 5 days late and then of course evil AF showed up. I was so upset- Cried and cried. Not to say that you arent pregnant I just wouldnt get your hopes up yet.. Hoping these next few months will be extra lucky for me... Good Luck!

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    When you cross to the physician for a scan they wish you to be a minimum of an entire week past due. I went previous than that after I used to be pg with my daughter. Because I had a BFP at residence. And they nonetheless requested while I used to be due for AF. When I advised them they gave the impression pissed off. I bet they have been anticipating a BFN. If I have been you, I might wait till you've got a BFP at residence. It is much more disappointing to have one on the medical professionals workplace. Good Luck.

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