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What position in football should I play?

I am 15 years old. I am a freshmen in high school and weigh about 180-190. I am 5 Foot11 in. I have some muscle and still am gaining a lot. I can bench press pretty well. I haven't played on an actual organized team before for football just with my friends. My friends are always scared of being tackled by me because I usually play as a linebacker or coverage on the defense. I am pretty good with my hands, just not too fast. I consider myself a big guy but not that big. I can tackle very well. I am considering either playing as a Linebacker, Tight End, or on the Defensive Line. Please help me make my decision. Thank You!

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    i agree with that other guy that answered (not the stupid person that said waterboy, the other one). you might be able to be an okay tight end. hopefully u will grow some more but ur definitely more the weight of a tight end than a wide receiver. you could also be a linebacker. my boyfriend was an all-state tight end (hes 6'4" 224 lbs) and also an outside linebacker. hes going to play D2 college football this fall but ANYWAYS lol i bet if u are what u say u are, u will make a good tight end in time. keep working on running more to get quicker. my bf was more of a receiving tight end so he was faster (he runs a 40yd in 4.7 which is pretty good) but he was also a good blocker so for that u'll need to lift weights to build up arm muscle and try building up leg muscle as well.

    go for tight end! or if u wanna be more on the defensive side, go for outside linebacker! good luck!

    oh and p.s. if u want some inspiration or just some tips, heres my bf's highlight film from this year. (i think its inspiring because he's also a type 1 diabetic!)

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    Honestly i think that you should play tight end because if you can tackle and are pretty good with your hands. Because when your tight end you have the option of running or blocking depending on the play.

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